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Mother's Day Special skincare products

Mother’s Day 2022: Pamper your mom with 10 indulging skincare, late gifting options

This Mother’s Day, let’s help our mums take their first step towards self-care

Published on 8th May 2022
Luke Coutinho

Wellness guru Luke Coutinho shares tips to battle stress

Wellness guru Luke Coutinho believes a better lifestyle is the key to a better mind space

Published on 6th May 2022

Sheetal Bangur talks about her decade-long journey as an entrepreneur and her passion for wellness

It all started in 2010 to provide the finest holistic care incorporating spa, salon, gym, fitness and nutrition all within the same location

Published on 29th April 2022
Five beauty products

Beauty and wellness: Here are the five products that promise to give you gorgeous skin and nourished hair

From blemishing pigmentation to nourishing your hair, these products work magically 

Published on 11th March 2022

New-age architects and interior designers are now focussing on adding design that promotes health and wellness

The focus is on bringing in added benefits for physical and mental health through decor

Published on 10th April 2022
Hybrid - Representational image

What is hybrid well-being, the latest health and lifestyle trend, all about?

Slow, conscious living coupled with ingredient-driven self-care are forming our daily anthem

Published on 3rd April 2022

Wellness special: A few new beauty products to check out before the summer strikes

These new products are worth a try this summer

Published on 1st April 2022

Beauty entrepreneur Aishwarya Biswas breaks preconceived notions through her wellness label, Auli

The Shark Tank winner finds the concept of fairness ridiculous and decimates preconceived notions through educative interactions with her patrons

Published on 16th March 2022
Devika Mohapatra (standing) and Ryan Fernando

Power couples unite! Here are some success stories of businesses in the wellness sector run by couples:

From e-clinics to e-classes and e-consultations, these couples moved between independent and interdependent careers and lives and achieved high-level professional success

Published on 6th March 2022

Watch what you eat: Junk food may lead to blood sugar fluctuations

You’d be mistaken to think junk food only affects your waistline. Docs say it goes farther up to your brain, affecting moods

Published on 2nd February 2022

Wellness special: These five new beauty solutions are worth checking out

These five new skin and hair products promise to take care of all your winter woes

Published on 28th January 2022
A ‘positive’ approach

A ‘positive’ approach 

If you are recovering from Covid-19 at home, here’s what you should keep in mind

Published on 26th January 2022

Finding answers in ayur-homoeo combo

From natural ingredients to methods, practitioners of modern medicine now borrow from Ayurveda and Homeopathy to treat patients with orthopaedic ailments

Published on 25th January 2022

Snakercise: Bite-sized workouts that fit into the busiest of schedules

Can’t commit to an hour-long workout at fixed times? Try a snackercise.

Published on 23rd January 2022

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