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Conrad Maldives Rangali Island offers a luxurious retreat with Vedic Marma, meditation, and yoga therapy, enhancing guests' wellness experiences and promoting sustainability.

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island introduces new wellness and sustainability initiatives

From yoga with ocean views to living in a two-tier residence submerged 16 feet beneath the surface of the Indian Ocean, there’s a lot in store at this tropical getaway for your year-end vacation.

Published on 23rd November 2023
Eat, retreat, repeat at Shatam Jeeva

Eat, retreat, repeat at Shatam Jeeva

An ayurvedic retreat amid a 100-acre forest of medicinal trees near Jhansi offers an insight into living long and well

Published on 19th November 2023

The Rosia Wellness unveils Your Oasis of Beauty and Wellness in Noida

The centre offers a range of top-tier services, from weight management treatments, including Ayurveda therapies and cryolipolysis, to a range of beauty, derma, hand, and foot services

Published on 10th November 2023
The pretty landscapr of the property.

Ayurveda for the mind, body & soul: Your  getaway to a wholesome Ayurvedic retreat just got upgraded

Our experience of the recently opened Abhyanga Ayurvedic Wellness Center at the Four Points by Sheraton helped us reinstate within ourselves holistic well-being and healthy eating

Published on 20th October 2023
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Kaya launches state-of-the-art clinic for beauty and wellness aficionados in Bengaluru

The renowned aesthetic dermatology chain is celebrating its 20 years with this revamped clinic at Bel Road

Published on 14th October 2023
Selfies can make you vulnerable to eating disorders: Study

Selfies can make you vulnerable to eating disorders: Study

Enjoy taking selfies? You may become more susceptible to eating disorders as a result, a research cautioned.

Published on 13th October 2023
Super foods are essential for heart health, immunity, and wellness. Consuming these foods sensibly and intelligently can upregulate immunity and boost energy.

Here are 7 best foods for heart health

You can list down these seven super foods and see how they fit into your life for your desires of wellness

Published on 5th October 2023
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Adopt the path of personal transformation in six simple steps

The process of self-transformation is all about knowing ourselves better, changing some aspects of who we are and how we are leading our lives

Published on 30th September 2023
Six Senses Vana, Dehradun

Head to Six Senses Vana in Dehradun for some much required healing, in the hills!

This ultra-luxury spa resort tucked away in the outskirts of Dehradun promises to rejuvenate, in opulence, minus the hedonism…

Published on 27th September 2023
From Navratri to Diwali, Pongal to Onam, On World Coconut Day Here Is the humble coconut finds its place in numerous festivals, symbolising the divine presence and fostering a sense of unity.

World Coconut Day: 5 common misconceptions about coconut hair oil debunked

Coconut oil has been among the most used hair care products over millennia, but its popularity has been coming down of late. Why is it still relevant to hair care? Read on to find out.

Published on 2nd September 2023

Paloma about town: Wellness, a little comedy and delicious modaks!

Fashion, food and wellness, we had a liberal dose of each over the past week...

Published on 22nd September 2023

Regulating picky Eating

A number of factors lead to picky eating among teenagers. Food sensitivities, food textures or memories associated with the food, food habits, the environment or even developmental adaptation.

Published on 14th September 2023
Using chocolate for pampering your skin is a great way to indulge in the indulgent pleasure of chocolate.

5 ways to infuse chocolate into your skin-care routine

We tell you more use cases for chocolate other than gorging on it

Published on 13th September 2023
Diabetes can build up cholesterol in retina, affecting vision

Diabetes can build up cholesterol in retina, affecting vision

Researchers discovered that a buildup of cholesterol in the retina caused by diabetes, aging-related illnesses, and other metabolic problems can crystallise and cause diabetic retinopathy.

Published on 6th September 2023
This all-too-common reality is now being challenged by an alternative approach with promising potential - naturopathy.

Naturopathy: A holistic approach to mental health and wellness

Naturopathy, also known as naturopathic healing, offers a distinct perspective that prioritises the body's innate healing mechanisms over external interventions

Published on 30th August 2023

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