Long-lasting perfumes to gift your dads on Father's Day

A gift of scent!
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There are many dads who love a good perfume and gifting a classy one makes them the happiest. Here we are sharing a list of perfumes that you may choose to gift your dad. Bonus point, they are also budget-friendly!

1. Modern luxury

Anmer London emerges as an originator, redefining modern luxury as a vegan brand that promotes sustainability and clean beauty, made with the finest ingredients as per EU FDA standards. Embark on a regal olfactory journey with 'Oud Elixir,' a fragrance artfully crafted by perfumer Kevin Mathys, renowned for his exquisite creations with the prestigious French perfume brand Fragrance Du Bois. It has a warm and striking essence of ginger and geranium that creates a captivating allure, a sensual touch of rich leather and Oud for the timeless charm and the most exclusive notes of Olibanum and cedar for a warm earthy aroma. Rs 4,995.

2. Divine fragrances

Indulge in the divine fragrances of the Greek Gods with this perfume gift pack from Bold Care. This exquisite set features a captivating array of scents inspired by the myths and legends of ancient Greece, allowing you to experience the essence of these timeless deities. Rs 499.

3. Citrusy notes to the rescue

Denver's perfume gift pack contains Honor deodorant and men's EDP that offer a soothing fragrance with citrus and spice top notes, musk middle notes & sandal and amber base notes . These are long-lasting body sprays that keep you odour-free for long hours. Rs 649.

4. Woody finish

Embark Perfumes' Wood Oud For All - Eau De Parfum is a fragrance that blends earthy and smoky oud notes with various woody elements, crafting a robust and enchanting scents reminiscent of a deep forest. The perfume has top notes of grapefruit and lavender, notes of leather and base notes of oud and ambergris. Rs 2,695.

5. Refreshing

Take your dad back to basics with the Davidoff Reborn EDT fragrance. First born thirty years ago, Davidoff Cool Water led a revolution in perfumery. Davidoff Cool Water REBORN Eau de Toilette has been developed by a trinity, as it were, of the most original and accomplished perfumers of the moment. Price on request. 

6. New Drop 

For the hero of your lives, comes the Burberry Hero Parfum. This latest drop has a powerful fragrance of cedarwood oils, Amyris, cypriol oil which is encompassed in a woody finish. Price on Request.

7. Aqua 

For those who love the aqua fragrances, this is the perfect gift! From the house of ITC EDW Essenza, comes the aqua range which has a distinctive fragrance. The notes revolve around bergamot mandarin and Italian lemon which gives a refreshing citrusy touch. Price on Request.

8. Luxurious Essence 

Indulging your father with luxurious perfumes is a must to celebrate the special day. Check out the Cedrat Eau de Toilette from L'Occitane India which has a citrusy, joyful scent. The fragrance is a combination of aromas- smoky, woody, tangy which fuse to produce a unique scent. Price on request.

9. Sophistication in a bottle 

Celebrate sophistication and elegance with French Essence’s Noir gift set. Perfect for the occasion, this set incorporates luxury with a blend of refined notes that would make for a perfect gift. Price on Request.

10. Celestial collection 

Filled with notes of pine needles, Olibanum, benzoin, incense and cedar is the Himaira’s celestial collection which should not be given a miss this celebratory season. Price on Request.

11. Night Aroma 

Fraganote’s London Bar bottles up London’s elegant nightlife with its perfect smoky, boozy, spicy and woody notes. With memories of a lit cigar to spiced rum being evoked through the aroma, this can quite be the perfect gift. Price on Request.

12. Of sweet scents

With the blend of Oud wood, saffron and delicateness of rose, this Morina Oud and Roses Dream Date Eau De Parfum is an irresistible fragrance and perfect for all your gifting choices with a long-lasting aroma. Price on request.

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