Father's Day 2024: Three luxury purchases you must consider for dads who love to accessorise

Your father's day gift must reflect your love and appreciation for your dadda dearest!
Father's Day 2024: Three luxury purchases you must consider for dads who love to accessorise

While a brunch at his favourite spot and a shirt of his favourite colour continues to remain a classic gift for International Father’s Day, up your game and accessorise your dada dearest.

Something as timeless as a watch, dapper as sunglasses or luxe as a box of jewels should be the perfect present for the man who continues to be by your side, no matter what.

To make the hunt easier for that perfect token of love and appreciation, we list down classic accessories for your dad to don for a lifetime!

1. Timeless Tales!

What’s better than a timeless gift for dad — literally and figuratively? A practical accessory for appreciation of time and a style quotient, watches have always been a reflection of dad’s classy and bossy personality at work or his active lifestyle post-work hours. 

Check out these newly launched products by Daniel Wellington, Timex and Fossil which capture the best of both worlds for the perfect addition to your father's accessory kit.

Daniel Wellignton’s Classic Multi-Eye Mesh Graphite takes the watch game a notch higher with interchangeable straps, adapting to boardroom brilliance or the weekend swag. INR 18,699. Available online.

Adding on to the dapper collection, Timex’s range of analog and digital  watches stay true to the classic silhouettes and gain a modern edge with a splash of vibrant colour on the dials, ensuring dads remain a timeless icon. INR 11,995. Available online.

A sports enthusiast? Pick one of the best-selling pieces from Fossil’s Sport Tourer collection which boasts high-performance tachymeter bezel and lume hour markers. INR 16,300 onwards. Available online.

2. Enchanting Eyewear

Sunglasses from the Marco collection
Sunglasses from the Marco collection

There is definitely a certain intrigue when dads put on their best shades. Is it style or is he judging you from behind those lenses? Guess, we will never know!

Nonetheless, if you are wondering what to give dad this Father's Day, sunglasses are your best bet. Surprise your dad with a pair of metal-rimmed aviators for the iconic Tom Cruise-que vibe, which holds a familiar yet desirable charm from Opium’s Marco collection. INR 1,912 onwards. Available online.

You can also sneak in a pair from the Brooklyn collection, which will channel his inner swag on a weekend getaway, shielding his eyes from the sun's rays, just like he shields you from harm. INR 2,232 onwards. Available online

3. Gliterring Gems

(Clockwise) Box Chain Bracelets, Signet Rings and Bryant Band
(Clockwise) Box Chain Bracelets, Signet Rings and Bryant Band

What’s better than showering him with jewels this Father’s Day? Transcend from the ordinary and gift you dad Andal's treasure trove of exquisite jewellery, each piece a testament to enduring love and meticulous artistry.

From their 18k yellow gold Box Chain Bracelets to their yellow gold band rings embedded with black diamonds and their unique beaded bracelets - tiger eye bead bracelet, and onyx bracelets, they have you covered for a lasting luxurious gift for your old man. INR 1,67,000 onwards. Available online.

If you are looking for a gift where classic elegance meets futuristic innovation, you can also consider the Bryant Band by BlueStone. This one is a perfect pick for everyday wear so your papa precious never has to compromise on his style quotient. INR 51,287. Available online.

(Written by Sromona Mondal)

Father's Day 2024: Three luxury purchases you must consider for dads who love to accessorise
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