The Winter Wardrobe by AMPM features simple and fluid silhouettes presented in monochromatic tones

It is inspired from ‘still life’ the form of art that captures inanimate man-made or natural objects.

author_img Reshmi Chakravorty Published :  31st December 2021 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  31st December 2021 12:00 AM

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Delhi-based luxury label AMPM has launched their latest winter collection titled Winter Wardrobe. It is inspired from ‘still life’ the form of art that captures inanimate man-made or natural objects. Featuring versatile and fluid jackets along with a line of timeless accessories, the collection aims to capture this feeling of stillness through its designs. We speak to Priyanka Modi, co-founder, and creative director, AMPM, about the collection.
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What was the inspiration behind the Winter Wardrobe?
I have always been moved by a certain sense of calmness that one feels when studying ‘still life’. Through the Winter Wardrobe collection, I wanted to explore still life as an inspiration. It is a form of art that has survived more than 1,000 years and is probably the most aesthetic way to document the objects of everyday life. We decided to imagine our collection as objects of every day, concentrating purely on form, structure, and details and not on anything which will deviate from the feeling of stillness. For me, it was the simplicity of this idea and how it seamlessly fits into the concept of everyday luxury that resonates with our discerning clients.

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What are the style, silhouettes, and colours one can expect?
We always design everything with the hope that it lasts our customers a lifetime. Silhouettes that are easy, understated, and versatile. Simple cuts, monochromatic tones, and understated details are what make a garment a classic in my wardrobe. And that’s what I always try to do for the customers of AMPM. If you look at a silhouette closely you will notice a sense of alignment in the garment. It is a key part of the design process that often gets overlooked. It is very important for a good design that the various elements in play align with each other seamlessly. The fabric needs to align with the colour, the colour needs to align with the silhouette, the silhouette with the finish, and so on. If even a single element is unaligned, the design is never quite right. In the Winter Wardrobe, we have used a lot of wool in the tones of olive green, burgundy, black, and ivory.

Priyanka Modi

Tell us more about the accessories from the collection.
Our new range of accessories is designed to give a wholesome experience. Every piece is quite modern Indian in its aesthetic. The bags are based on the idea of an Indian potli, with carefully put together laser-cut details and corded embroideries on a canvas of ivory, black and tan. In addition to this, I have always been intrigued by the rich Indian craft heritage, and our kamarband-inspired belts, mojaris-inspired mules are reflections of that.

Future plans.
The last two years compelled us to take a few steps back, rethink and rewire our functions and identity. Now, the goal is to focus all energies on our new retail experience, explore our territory further, and renew the idea of everyday luxury for our audiences.With a team buzzing with creative energy, I try to make each day count. A lot is coming up in the next few years that I will share with you in due time.

Rs 5,950 upwards. Available online.
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