Miniature from Auroville brings to Chennai block-printed cottons in contemporary silhouettes

author_img Sabrina Rajan Published :  05th February 2021 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  05th February 2021 06:00 AM


Offering breezy cottons and comfortable silhouettes, the Aurovillian brand Miniature comes to town on cue, considering the scorching days are here already. Featuring their new Curcuma collection (that means turmeric, in Italian), the popup comprises a small, limited edition series of contemporary designs in soft cotton. Conceived and managed by Italian designer Liliana Fassino, expect a blend of Mediterranean aesthetics along with oriental accents and a strong focus on Indian textiles and craftsmanship. With a leaning towards handlooms and traditional weaves, often patterns from across the country are featured along with traditional embroidery. The brand is known to ‘stay within a ‘miniature’ scale to focus on the beauty of design, detail and texture’.

To be showcased at Samasta, in Alwarpet, proprietor and curator, Mridulika Menon tells us that she first discovered the brand in Kerala at a luxury hotel a couple of years back. “I traced it back to Pudhucherry and wanted to showcase them as their ethos matches ours in terms of sustainability and eco friendly practices.” Using natural dyes, the pieces have been hand-picked by Mridulika and one can expect bold vibrant prints in indigo, grey and rust. With an emphasis on free flowing and easy silhouettes in smart styles for both lounge wear and evening wear, she adds that with WFH being the trend, many clients were looking for comfortable but chic loungewear. “I curated this collection of cotton kaftans, dresses, skirts and tunics for the Samasta Woman.” Elaborating on that, Mridulika says that it is for the multi-tasking urban woman who is managing a home, working and seamlessly slipping into her various roles. She further adds that her favourite are the kaftans that can be easily dressed down for running errands during the day and can work as a dressy evening option too.

February 11 to 20, At Samasta. Price Range: Rs 600 to Rs 3,000.