Tjori unveils its festive collection Saktah inspired by Indian goddesses

The collection boasts classic saris and suits in vibrant colours, paired with new-age blouse styles

author_img Reshmi Chakravorty Published :  26th November 2021 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  26th November 2021 12:00 AM

Mansi Gupta, Founder & CEO, Tjori

Delhi-based fashion and lifestyle brand, Tjori, recently launched its new collection titled Saktah, meaning power. Inspired by mythological stories of powerful Indian goddesses, the collection boasts classic saris and suits in vibrant colours, paired with new-age blouse styles like sleeveless crop tops, bandeaus, and puffed full-sleeves inspired by the ’70s. Tjori was started in the year 2013 by Mansi Gupta, founder and CEO and now the lifestyle brand has collections of apparel, home décor, wellness, jewellery, shoes and bags amongst other products. In an informative chat, Mansi talks about the making of the line and the inspiration behind this festive collection that is also perfect for the wedding season.
Madhubani handpainted sari

What was the inspiration behind Saktah?
We were inspired by the powerful representation of divine feminine energy that is celebrated, worshipped, and is responsible for creation, sustenance, and destruction. Modern women who have the power of a goddess should be able to dress like one too.

Elaborate on your collection.
The collection is an upgrade from our brocade line with rich, deep colours like red, yellow, brown, and black. Interestingly, anything in black has been the bestseller till now. Our main aim is to create comfortable clothing, so we kept that in mind while creating silhouettes, such as sleeveless crops, bandeaus, puffy-sleeved blouses. Also, there are easy-to-carry lehengas with dark-toned blouses which compliment the lehengas.

Gold beige bandh-gala floral printed chiffon kurta dress

Tell us more about the fabrics and textiles used in the collection.
The brocades and jacquards used in the collection were sourced from Varanasi and Gujarat respectively. The collection also features stunning kalamkari, ajrakh, bandhani prints to name a few.

What else are you working on currently?
Next, we are planning to give a new spin on phirans, which is the traditional outfit for both men and women in the Kashmir Valley. The plan is to introduce phirans in fabrics such as velvet with deep hues of fall/winter.

Rs 13,999 upwards.
Available online.

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