Minimalism meets Spiritualism: Roma Narsinghani’s debut collection with Pause is all about ease and comfort

Infused with traditional craftsmanship, every item in this collection echoes the love and hard work of the hands that made it
Roma Narsinghani's x Pause
Roma Narsinghani's x Pause

It’s time to go minimal, not only because that’s the call of the hour but to be at endless ease and flaunt our authentic personality. With Roma Narsinghani’s new collection x Pause, you can actually live that idea of minimalism as the collection thrives on quality fabrics and nominal designs.

For the 32-piece collaborative collection, Roma, who is known for designing sustainable jewellery, has collaborated with Pause to curate a unique clothing line that translates her quirky take on femininity into casual wear. The line features loose shirts and shorts as well as wide-leg trousers and summer dresses, all made from sustainable fabric, Tencel. 

Tencel is made with versatile viscose twill fabric, which has a soft, lightweight feel and a beautiful, flowy drape, giving the collection a subtle pattern of diagonal ridges. Roma tells us that the designs and patterns have been created using traditional screen-printing methods.

The effortless silhouettes promise to take you from a day at the beach to rooftop drinks with ease. And her latest range of summery shirts, flowy pants and shorts, and airy dresses, carry the jewellery designer’s signature motifs and style.

"Pause was the perfect fit for our first foray into apparel as our basic intentions behind creating a product aligns. Forging alliances with brands that match our ethos can drive a positive effect several magnitudes greater than if we just act alone, a collaboration with a brand like Pause allows us to do this on a bigger scale in terms of concepts, conscious textiles and therefore higher financial viability as well," says Roma. 

Inspired by Roma’s long-term love for Indian culture, travel, emotions, and spirituality, the contrast of rawness and fluidity with both structure and flow translate into her latest collection. It features the third eye, tiger, hearts, rising sun and geometric lines in the collection, which Roma tells us are a symbol of spirituality and strength. “The rising sun evokes optimism, and the geometric lines show how each of us is connected,” she says.

The co-ord sets come with some cool shades of pastels and beige which are perfect to wear at any time of the day. Whether it is your next beach vacation or you are planning to spend your weekend at home these consciously made pieces of clothing promise a soothing vibe.

Price: INR 1,500 onwards.

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