Get a slice of life across the country in newly launched India-themed mug by Starbucks

Commemorating Independence Day, the mug designed by illustrator Reshidev Rk is aptly titled, A Sip of India 
A Sip of India
A Sip of India

What if your coffee mug transported you to the enchanting diversity of India? To honour Independence Day, Starbucks, the global purveyor of fine coffees and exquisite experiences, has unveiled a masterstroke of artistic brilliance — an India-themed mug, A Sip of India. This exceptional creation is a cultural vignette, intricately woven by the illustrator and designer, Reshidev RK.

The visual portrayal, a blend of vivid hues and intricate details, takes you on an expedition across time and terrain. A journey that artfully captures the essence of this nation, celebrating both its timeless splendour and its dynamic modernity.

With each sip, you traverse from the splendid magnificence of iconic landmarks like the regal Mysore Palace and the elegant Qutub Minar to contemporary marvels such as the graceful Bandra-Worli Sea Link and the iconic Howrah Bridge. The delicate strokes of Reshidev RK’s artistry breathe life into these architectural wonders, making them more than mere motifs – they are portals into the heart of India.

Yet, it is not just grandeur that A Sip of India encapsulates; it is the delicate beauty of the everyday that genuinely elevates this creation. The lush paddy fields, where the sun kisses the earth in a golden embrace, the serene lotus ponds that mirror the tranquillity of our souls, and the vibrant dance of a peacock, embodying the very spirit of freedom and grace — all these elements converge in a choreographed spectacle as if painted by the strokes of a celestial brush.

The presentation is equally enchanting, with the motifs laid out as if on a canvas, delicately wrapped around Starbucks’ signature ceramic mugs. Each sip is an immersion into the artist's canvas, an exploration of India's soul through your senses. 

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