A stitch for the soul: Arshna Raj's label brings to you a vibrant new collection with deeper meaning

Stoique’s all-new edit, Analogy, is all about emotions and expressive colours
Analogy offers their signature oversized silhouettes along with many others.
Analogy offers their signature oversized silhouettes along with many others.

“Our world is an analogy of what we go through inside ourselves,” says couturier Arshna Raj, the flagbearer for the label, Stoique. The young entrepreneur is reflecting a similar notion through her designs, colours, and other elements used for making the pieces under their Spring Summer ’23 collection. Marking a significant milestone for the label, this collection is all set to be showcased in Chennai for the first time, at the end of June, and blow away the minds of patrons with its chic designs with motifs and expressions that transcend into deeper meanings.

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The extremely talented designer tells us that this collection is a continuation of the work the label has been doing. But the differences lie in the striking colours, which include a lot of polka, pink and black. Adding to this list is the use of pink against off-white, which is a highlight of the collection, mentions Arshna. But the most striking feature of this collection, which she calls Analogy, has to be the introduction of various Indian wear, including light festive wear in silk. As a completely new launch for the label, and Chennai having a particularly exquisite taste for silks, Arshna expresses how she can see the reaction of the market

There is a significant meaning to this collection, which seems quite personal to the couturier. “I personally like to take a lot of inspiration from emotions that I’m feeling in that particular moment or when I’m designing a collection,” she highlights. Arshna further explains, “To say in simple terms, how we talk to ourselves and how we imagine a world for ourselves within, is how the world outside eventually turns out to be.” The designer also adds that the inspiration is derived from a positive place. “It is coming from a lot of emotion of blossoming and blooming, and we personally believe that a lot can be changed and a lot can be altered in the outside world once the world inside within yourself is more stable or is at greater peace,” she says.

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Analogy offers their signature oversized silhouettes along with tunics, in addition to the regular shirts, styles, quarts, sets and others. Arshna brings into focus the made-to-order feature of the label, which can be availed of to customise any preferred silhouette in any colour and shape.

Arshna further explains how the various elements, including the colours present in this collection, are an outlet for emotions. “This collection follows a particular colour range. You go from slightly deeper blacks and blues and directly into whites and pinks. That is a way of signifying blossoming,”she says adding, “You will see really small polka dots in pink that give you a blurred image of how a flower field would look. The whole idea is to come out from a dark place to a brighter place, so you will get a mix of deeper colours and then very bright pops of colours.” In addition to the meaningful use of pink and its interplay with off-white, the collection has also used black, blue, and red.

Motifs for this collection include Stoique’s signature appliques in interesting shapes, including amoeba and, of course, in the shapes of flowers. Also, added to the list are stripes. These silhouettes are presented in different varieties of cotton, including poplin, and Mysore silk.

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Talking about Stoique’s first presentation in the city, Arshna expresses her excitement and thrill. She promises to guide and support anyone who walks in to explore these silhouettes. “We are very open to helping people get used to it and making their choices,” she says, adding, “I can’t wait to be in Chennai!”

₹4,000 onwards.
At Collage, Rutland Gate 4th St, Thousand Lights.
Also available on www.stoiqueshop.com

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