Onitsuka Tiger’s Spring/Summer 2024 Collection showcased at the Milan Fashion Week 

The collection is composed of highly unique pieces — men’s classics reinterpreted in a contemporary way are in contrast with a romanticism essential for the women’s wardrobe
Onitsuka Tiger’s Spring/Summer 2024 Collection
Onitsuka Tiger’s Spring/Summer 2024 Collection

Founded in 1949, Japanese label Onitsuka Tiger is known for bringing forward a unique amalgamation of fashion, sports, innovation and heritage. The birth of the Japanese label can be traced back to the after effects of World War II, which brought about a dramatic disruption in Japan. Five years after the war saw the nation obsessed with American sports. And Kihachiro Onitsuka made the best out of this new-found craze by creating the ultimate shoe for athletes. Onitsuka himself created the first Onitsuka Tiger shoe in his living room in Kobe, Japan. For the burgeoning high school basketball scene in Japan, it gradually became the footwear of choice, and Kihachiro Onitsuka was on the lookout for expanding his business.

The legend lives on
Blending in Japanese heritage and innovation in design, the legend lives on today as a fashion and lifestyle brand, featuring an array of updated classic silhouettes, contemporary styles and mind-blowing collaborations resonating the spirit of Japan in each new collection of Onitsuka Tiger shoes, apparel and accessories. 

The mood is sophisticated
For their Spring/Summer 2024, which they recently presented at the Milan Fashion Week under the direction of creative director Andrea Pompilio, the theme is Personal Layered. By combining layers, as well as asymmetries, gathers, cutouts, and the use of margins, an infinite number of personal styling expressions are showcased, further evolving the theme of layering, which is an iconic feature of the brand. Andrea Pompilio, tells us that the mood is sophisticated, modern, and elegant, which preserves the brand’s DNA through the flowing silhouettes. “The ancient and voluminous method of layering is expressed through egg-shaped outerwear and duster jackets, which still remain lightweight, while underneath, tops, shirts, polo shirts, Bermuda shorts, and wide trousers create asymmetrical layers,”  he adds.

Unique and innovative
Although derived from a common concept, the collection is composed of highly unique pieces — men’s classics reinterpreted in a contemporary way are in contrast with a romanticism essential for the women’s wardrobe. For men, the tailoring is soft but rigorous, covering but not hiding the details, such as fabric layers and textures. For women, detail elements combine to create feminine looks consisting of transparencies, asymmetries, and innovative cutouts that show or hint at the body. Playful details such as tank tops with side slits, dresses and T-shirts with cutouts, different lengths, jersey skirts, and precious canvas Bermuda shorts bring unexpected silhouettes to the layering.

Collaboration with Nowartt
Materials are crucial — the double-faced cotton fabric is structured but not stiff, and the see-through nylon knit reveals the skin. It also features a floral print created in collaboration with Japanese textile graphic brand, Nowartt. Inspired by the four elements that make up all things — earth, water, fire, and wind — the textile graphics were completed through collaboration, incorporating the message of comfort and harmony with nature. The knitwear is transformable — fisherman’s rib knitted jumpers and cardigans have cutouts below the sleeve joints so they can be worn conventionally or leave the arms exposed and be knotted on the chest.

Iconic tiger yellow!
The spectrum of colours is composed of asphalt  black, charcoal grey, and concrete, which contrast with the floral prints. Everything is connected by Onitsuka Tiger’s iconic Tiger Yellow, found in some of the looks, footwear, and bags. 

While the attires are striking, it’s hard to ignore the commanding presence of the footwear. The sneakers have new designs with different heights (slip-ons, high-cuts, and ankle boots), each with coated canvas uppers and contrasting bold yellow on the front of the sole. Also, there are leather boots in yellow and black. The nude-laced sandals with a platform to be tied at the ankles are in Nappa leather or velvet. There is also a lightweight nylon mega shopping bag that comes in the iconic house colour.

With this new collection, Pompilio has masterfully walked the fine line between coziness and contemporary style. He has created masterpieces that whisper serenity for those leisurely moments, yet screaming vivacity while out on dynamic streets, thereby beautifully bridging the charm between the two worlds.

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