Aulerth’s new store in Delhi promotes luxury and conscious living  

The jewellery brand is known for crafting semi-precious jewellery from eco-friendly materials

Priyamvada Rana Published :  01st October 2023 12:07 PM   |   Published :   |  01st October 2023 12:07 PM
Aulerth, a sustainable jewellery brand, has opened a store in New Delhi's GK-1 market, showcasing its core principles of The Energy, The Duality, and The Origin.

Aulerth GK-1 store

Exciting news unfolds in New Delhi's posh GK-1 market as Aulerth, the sustainable jewellery brand, unveils its gorgeous new store. Its interiors are a nod to the brand’s core principles of The Energy, The Duality, and The Origin reflected in the décor and design of the establishment.

GK-1 store

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Step inside and one would notice that its design draws inspiration from the Earth goddess Gaia. The ambience exudes a sense of optimism and purpose, with moss-adorned walls and layered design elements. The store seamlessly blends sustainability with luxury, utilising reclaimed materials and carbon-reducing flooring to show its commitment to mindful living. From the stucco-finished walls to the sleek glass display units, every corner exudes elegance and minimalism.

Plush interiors of the Delhi store 

Vivek Ramabhadran, founder, Aulerth shares, "We are excited to embark on a new phase in our journey, as we inaugurate our first store in Delhi at Greater Kailash 1, N-block market. We are now preparing to unveil two more stores: one in Bangalore (within The Cinnamon Store) and the other in Hyderabad (Hilltop at 7, Banjara Hills), all within the next three months.”

Inside the store

Aulerth is renowned for challenging the status quo, moving away from mindless consumption, and championing conscious living. They craft semi-precious jewellery from eco-friendly materials, redefining the concept of preciousness. Beyond products, they’re known for unique eco-friendly programs like Aulerth Loop which allows one to rent jewellery for two weeks before returning it. This model not only promotes a circular luxury lifestyle but also caters to the discerning tastes of modern buyers.

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In the past, Aulerth has collaborated with esteemed designers such as Suneet Varma, JJ Valaya, Shivan & Narresh, and Tribe Amrapali, crafting high-fashion, conscious jewellery that resonates with those who believe in both style and sustainability.

At Greater Kailash 1, N-block market, Delhi. 
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