Seharre by Sahithee Reddy's Nazm is all about distinct weaves and surprising elements of craft

The fashion brand’s design language is a graceful ballet of aesthetics, weaving together an ethereal tapestry through exquisite fabric choices and innovative silhouettes
Collection: Nazm
Collection: Nazm

Nazm, meaning poetry, weaves emotions, thoughts, and narratives into a melodic symphony. Its beauty transcends the mundane, resonating with the soul and elevating language to an exquisite form of art. People seek solace and joy in nazm, as it enriches the human experience with rhythmic melodies, expressive language, and rich narratives. Interestingly, Hyderabad-based fashion label Seharre, owned by designer Sahithee Reddy, launched a new festive collection Nazm. This draws parallels with the beauty of such an artistic expression as poetry.

Sahithee says, “Inspired by the profound harmony within distinct weaves and surprising craft elements, the idea of Nazm reflects a poetic narrative in this collection. Seamlessly blending heritage handloom with modern artistry, the name perfectly encapsulates a structured and artful arrangement, symbolizing a symphony where antique art converges with comfortable elegance and timeless beauty.”

Pieces from the collection
Pieces from the collection

The fashion brand’s design language is a graceful ballet of aesthetics, weaving together an ethereal tapestry through exquisite fabric choices and innovative silhouettes. Their uniqueness is not confined to florals alone but extends into a realm where every piece is a poetic composition, blending artistic craftsmanship with a keen sense of beauty.

Discussing the fabrics and the color palette, Sahithee tells us, “I prefer rich silk blends, delicate chiffons, and textured organza, adding tactile and visual richness to the collection. The color palette features a combination of muted pastels, deep jewel tones, and touches of metallics, creating a sophisticated yet vibrant harmony.”

Elevated by unexpected juxtapositions and intricate detailing, the pieces in Nazm have delicate floral embroidery with modern geometric patter ns, creating an appealing contrast. The play of asymmetrical silhouettes alongside structured forms adds a dynamic dimension. Unexpected fabric pairings and subtle embellishments further contribute to the collection’s individuality, making each piece a visual poem that unfolds with every wear. The infusion of radiant hues, the careful crafting of traditional weaves, and the incorporation of romantic embroidery cater to those who appreciate the richness of cultural heritage.

The outfits in Nazm blend traditional elegance with contemporary flair. Sahithee expresses, “As far as this collection is concerned, one can expect opulent saris adorned with intricate embroidery, luxurious co-ords set with a modern twist, and even regal anarkalis that seamlessly marry heritage handloom with fresh perspectives. We believe Nazm will appeal to diverse tastes of people.”

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The collection has some amazing ensembles for both men and women. These outfits are suitable for various occasions beyond traditional festivities. Women can pull off these outfits at weddings, festive gatherings, and celebratory events. Similarly, men can embrace the regal charm of the collection through different ethnic wear options at weddings, cultural functions, and formal occasions. Sahithee explains that comfort is paramount, and therefore, her designs incorporate thoughtful cuts and fabrics to ease movement without compromising style. Telling us a bit about the manufacturing process, she elaborates, “Our process is a meticulous journey. We source premium fabrics, emphasising both quality and sustainability. Skilled artisans bring the designs to life, blending traditional techniques with modern innovations. Ethical production practices are at the core, ensuring exquisite garments and a positive impact on the communities involved in crafting.” Nazm is a testament to the synergy between design expertise and responsible, meaningful manufacturing.

Rs 10,000 onwards. Available online.

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