Corneliani knitwear collection features classic and contemporary designs  

Meticulously made in Italy, this knitwear collection is a study in fine fabrics
Corneliani knitwear
Corneliani knitwear

Embracing the refined tastes of the Indian audience, Corneliani, the Italian luxury men’s clothing brand, has introduced a diverse range of classic and contemporary designs. Meticulously made in Italy, the knitwear collection features a wide selection of classic and contemporary designs in fine fabrics.

Among the classics, the men’s crew-neck is a statement piece. It is available in merino wool or wool and cashmere with different levels of fineness and workmanship, in colours and designs ranging from relief stitch to jacquard, from mélange to seamless.

These unique stylish pieces in elegant designs are versatile and perfect with any outfit, from jeans to sporty or more formal trousers.

The entire collection draws inspiration from the rich history of Italian workmanship. The knitwear line has a palette of classy earth tones, timeless neutrals, and subdued splashes of contemporary colour that are carefully chosen to evoke an air of polished taste. It attempts to combine comfort and quality in a seamless way, giving men a wardrobe that can be worn to both formal and informal events.

The brand has used eco-friendly materials, including organic cotton, recycled wool, and responsibly sourced cashmere. By incorporating these materials, it aims to contribute to a more sustainable and responsible fashion industry, where style and environmental mindfulness seamlessly coexist.

Price starts at Rs33,000.
Available online.


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