Fete Imperiale makes its foray into the Indian fashion scene with its autumn/winter collection

This French label is known for its androgynous cuts and fluid materials creating silhouettes that protect freedom

FETE IMPERIALE, the brand which is a vertex where the Paris Libre from XIX century meets the excessive nights of the 80’s, is making its foray into the Indian fashion scene with its autumn/winter collection — Indistinct Chatter. It takes us on a journey of initiation, like a moment out of time, where we meet ourselves in a setting of wide-open spaces reminiscent of the endless landscapes of the American plains.  

Designer and founder Laura Gauthier Petit is inspired by women who climbed their way up to the top with no help. The cuts are androgynous and the fluid materials create silhouettes that protect freedom. AiSPi has launched the French brand in the country. Aisha Saraf Kothari, who was instrumental in bringing the label to India, tells us that she discovered it almost seven years ago while hunting for boutiques across Europe. 

“I was instantly struck by their gorgeous printed jacket; it became one of the first brands we wrote about on our website before AiSPi entered the retail arena. Later on, during one of my trips to Paris while the Fashion Week was on, I went to a showroom that sold the brand and that’s when we decided to build on our relationship with Fête Impériale, by starting to sell their clothes,” Aisha says.

The standout feature of the brand is, of course, the masterful combination of subtle prints and sharp silhouettes. You will find crop tops, T-shirts as well leather jackets and dresses in the collection

For Aisha, the appeal of the brand was the simplicity of prints, cuts and materials. She felt it had the potential to occupy a unique place in the Indian market. “The softness and minimalism in their design is what drove my decision in the first place. What I love about their design philosophy is that it’s quite an interesting play on French Romanticism combined with simple and effective silhouettes,” she says.

The new collection has timeless appeal but at the same time has been smartly given a seasonal feel without any extravagance. “For example, its new edit has faint prints of mountains and woods and has a romantic mood to it. The Spring collection, on the other hand, is focused on feminism, the woman  who   runs the world and the power she holds is reflected in their bold prints. Even though concepts like feminism, elegance and romanticism are ingrained in the brand, its design language is flexible and well-versed with current trends,” Aisha adds.

Price starts at Rs 7,500. Available at AiSPi .co.


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