Vidhi Singhania's Pashmina Collection celebrates the rich legacy of Pashmina weaving

The collection presents some luxurious Pashmina saris, meticulously crafted to elevate winter fashion

Designer Vidhi Singhania, known for her exquisite and timeless designs, has introduced an opulent addition to wardrobes with the launch of her Pashmina Collection. The new line celebrates the rich legacy of Pashmina weaving, entwined with the artistry of Kashmiri hand embroidery.

Embracing the essence of warmth and sophistication, the collection presents some luxurious Pashmina saris, meticulously crafted to elevate winter fashion. Each creation is a labour of love, handcrafted by skilled artisans, showcasing intricate embroidery that speaks volumes about the craftsmanship passed down through generations. From classic designs to contemporary motifs, these pieces encapsulate the fusion of tradition and modernity.

What distinguishes this collection is the fusion of tradition and modernity, offering not just luxurious Pashmina saris but a style statement that transcends time. “We prioritise finesse in crafting, ensuring each creation embodies the unique characteristics of Pashmina. Our collection isn’t just about fashion; it’s a celebration of heritage, weaving techniques, and the enduring allure of Pashmina that sets it apart in the market,” says Vidhi.

The inspiration behind the colour palette is the rich heritage of Kashmiri artistry. Each hue is meticulously chosen to reflect the natural beauty of the region, from the serene blues reminiscent of Kashmiri lakes to the earthy tones mirroring the landscapes. “The colours pay homage to the diverse cultural tapestry of Kashmir,” she adds.

For the Pashmina Collection, the designer has sourced its wool from Kashmir, known for producing the 
finest Pashmina fibres. The wool is carefully selected to ensure a soft, luxurious feel against the skin. Each piece is hand-weaved and hand-embroidered with precision, preserving the authenticity of centuries-old techniques. 

You will find traditional paisleys, delicate florals, and geometric patterns, offering wearers not just warmth, but a chance to adorn themselves with the artistic legacy of Kashmir.  
The pieces are just perfect to make a style statement at weddings, festive celebrations, or even casual outings. 

Price starts at Rs 69,000.
Available online.

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