Bamboo socks are here!

These socks promise seven-day no smell
Bamboo socks are here!

Bonjour has just launched bamboo socks that have a special feature of seven-day no smell, which means they can be worn for seven days straight without producing any odour! Now, whether one is comfortable with repeating socks for seven consecutive days or not, is debatable, but think of the positives — who does not wish their socks to not smell!

With thermal regulatory properties that keep the feet cool in summer and warm in winter, these bamboo socks are worth a try. Elevate your comfort with Terry Ankle Socks. Made from bamboo terry fabric, these socks provide unparalleled softness and plush texture.

Bamboo socks are here!
This collection is all about the ocean's magic

Experience discreet comfort with Terry Secret Socks. Crafted with bamboo terry fabric, these socks offer luxurious softness and breathability. Revolutionise your footwear experience with Non-Terry Ankle Socks. Featuring bamboo fibre, these socks offer unmatched comfort and breathability. The compression technology of Bamboo Long Compression Socks promotes healthy blood circulation, reduces muscle fatigue, and speeds up recovery, making them perfect for busy professionals, avid travellers, and athletes alike.

Price starts at Rs 579. Available online.


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