If you love linen, this menswear collection is for you

This collection for men is flowy, unconstructed with a cool and casual feel
In frame: Pieces from the collection
In frame: Pieces from the collection

In his early days, the late Pishe Narayan Rao used to design for British officers and ladies of high rank who counted on his stylised, customised perfection. With its distinctive elegance and sophisticated blend of custom and modern innovation, the empire grew over time. They helped shape men’s beau monde across the country over the years. In the post-independence era, the company revolutionised men’s tailoring under PN Panduranga Rao and starred as a trendsetter in ‘ready to wear’ clothing.

In frame: Pieces from the collection
This collection is all about the ocean's magic

The menswear label’s latest collection, LinenCraft is meticulously crafted, as the name suggests, entirely from linen, featuring over 15 unique styles that showcase the breadth and versatility of the bespoke brand. With over 100 fabrics that allow customers to personalise and redesign any style according to their preferences, LinenCraft embodies the rich legacy and impeccable craftsmanship of PN Rao. The campaign’s tagline — Rich stories of summer crafted in linen — encapsulates the essence and emotion behind this collection.

The LinenCraft range is currently available in two broad categories. The Western Casual Collection is designed to offer stylish and versatile pieces for everyday wear. This segment includes shirts, blazers, bomber jackets and co-ord sets. The Ceremonial Wear Collection offers a range of outfits perfect for special occasions. This segment includes everyday Indian wear and western ceremonial attire — elegant suits and ensembles crafted from luxurious linen, designed for those significant moments when you need to look your best.

With the collection showcasing 15 different styles, it breaks the assumption that linen is typically for trousers and shirts. “Our label is all about innovation and bringing new designs and styles to discerning customers, carefully crafted to stand out from the crowd.

The LinenCraft collection is flowy, unconstructed with a cool and casual feel,” says Ketan Pishe, creative director of the brand, adding, “Our collections are a reflection of attention to detail and dedication to quality. We incorporate wester n fashion elements into our collections while still honouring Indian heritage, resulting in a fusion of styles that appeal to a wide range of consumers.”

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Price starts at INR 15,000. Available online

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