The new edit, Power Play, speaks volumes about women’s diverse roles, authority, ambition and more

The entire idea behind the collection is to create garments with functional details that keep you elevated yet comfortable
Collection: Power play
Collection: Power play

Fashion plays an integral role in fostering happiness and instilling confidence within us. Whether donning formal attire, smart casuals, or elaborate ensembles befitting cultural occasions and family gatherings, our clothing choices significantly influence how we feel.

At times, regardless of the occasion, the quest for the perfect outfit has always been a challenge. A Line Store has unveiled a new collection, Power play, designed to evoke joy, confidence, and emotional upliftment. This collection is a testament to the transformative power of fashion, ensuring you radiate positivity and poise with every step you take.

The brand strongly believes in the philosophy of inspiring to aspire. A Line Store stands out by creating sturdy workwear for strong, independent, and fearless women, which can be effortlessly styled from work to wine.

Taking us through the intricacies of Power play, the owner and designer, Ayushi Jindal explains, “It can be described as embracing the many moods of a woman, draped in structured silhouettes that speak volumes of her authority and ambition.”

The entire idea behind the collection is to create garments with functional details that keep you elevated yet comfortable. Inspired by the concept of blending timeless elegance with modern versatility, Ayushi says, “Power play promotes the idea of dopamine dressing, which means dressing up for your mood. We don’t just make clothes to fit your mood but to elevate it.” Ayushi has utilised soft-to-touch cotton-based fabrics for all the garments in this edit. She tells us, “We have smartly balanced our colour palette with a combination of earthy and bright shades, allowing you to choose whether to go classic or bold.”

Pieces from the edit
Pieces from the edit

Some unique design details of this collection include colour-blocking, elasticated waists, asymmetric hemlines, adjustable belts, pockets, and easy-fit A-line dresses. These key additions have not only enhanced the look of the edit but have also played a major role in defining the character of the collection.

For all those curious to know how the outfits in the Power play look, the designer mentions, “There are tailored yet relaxed A-line dresses and easy-fit shirts with modern and functional details. Our ensembles don’t restrict you to dressing up only for the office; you can easily choose our outfits for occasions like formal events, brunches, evening gatherings, and vacations.”

Aiming to make the collection trendy, stunning, and comfortable while appealing to the taste of young women, Ayushi chose a balanced colour palette that is neither monotonous nor overly vibrant. She says, “We have a wide range of dresses and co-ords that fit most Indian body types due to their functional design, ensuring you never have to question the style.”

According to her, the standout pieces in our collection are the Sage pleated skirt set, embodying volume, structure, and comfort with its balanced colours and prints, and the Mega cuff dress featuring unique colour blocking and elevated details like contrast stitches and exaggerated cuffs.

Price starts at Rs 2,500.

Available online.

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Collection: Power play
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