Fashion edit 'Sukoon' celebrates tranquillity, blessings, strength and aesthetic refinement

Each piece is thoughtfully designed with a motive to instill harmony and serenity in its wearers, celebrating the beauty of calmness
Collection: Sukoon
Collection: Sukoon

How delightful it is to embrace the quiet! Being at peace means finding calm and centeredness. For many, it involves immersing in a cherished activity, be it any art form or simply engaging in the intricate process of curating a fashion collection.

Fashion designer Priyanka Singh’s new edit, Sukoon, epitomises this sense of tranquillity with aesthetic refinement. Each piece is thoughtfully designed with a motive to instill harmony and serenity in its wearers, celebrating the beauty of calmness.

On delving deeper, we discovered that Sukoon had been brewing in Priyanka’s mind for quite some time.

“As a designer, we undergo growth and evolution, desiring our creations to exude effortlessness while making a bold statement. Crafting this edit has been a three-year journey for me,” she reveals. “Now that it’s finally materialised, the sensation is indescribable! I have achieved the sukoon (peace) I have long sought after!” Priyanka adds.

Pieces from the collection
Pieces from the collection

The founder’s commitment to perfection drove her to create a collection that lives up to her ideas in terms of design, craftsmanship, and commercial appeal. Extensive planning, iterations, and collaborations with artisans ensured each piece surpassed expectations.

Talking about the inspiration, Priyanka tells us, “It traces back to my deep-seated belief in the protective and calming powers of the hamsa symbol, an ancient Middle Eastern amulet symbolising the hand of God. It is believed to provide defense against the evil eye, or nazar, which resonates deeply deeply with my personal beliefs and experiences.”

According to her, hamsa indicates something more than just protection — it embodies blessings, power, and strength. She endeavours to incorporate the intricate designs and motifs of hamsa into the pieces of this collection, seamlessly blending traditional symbolism with modern aesthetics.

For fabrics, Priyanka preferred silks, organzas, and of course her signature cotton. Taking us through the colour palette and some design elements, she says, “The thoughtful selection of dusky mauve, greyish blue, green, dull orange, and ivory, combined with timeless embroideries, fusion zardosi, resham thread work, and kora, created an output that is both aesthetically pleasing and deeply meaningful.”

Sukoon features a variety of jackets, the designer’s statement pherans, co-ords, and signature kurtas paired with turban bands, making them ideal for summer destination weddings, after-parties, sundowners, and sangeets.

Shining a spotlight on the artisans’ role in crafting the collection, Priyanka asserts that Sukoon is a testament to deep collaboration, fuelled by the expertise of local artisans, predominantly hailing from Bengal.

Informing us about the manufacturing process, the designer expresses, “Beginning with conceptualisation and sketching, it all progressed to sourcing the finest raw materials, collaborating with skilled artisans, and executing printing techniques for clarity and vibrancy.”

Finally, she says, finishing touches ensure impeccable tailoring and placement of embellishments, resulting in garments that are both beautiful and luxurious to wear.

Price starts at Rs 18,000. Available online.

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Collection: Sukoon
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