6 picks to slay Christmas party in colour coded way

We've curated a colour-coded guide of jewellery, footwear, dresses and accessories in shades of reds, golds, greens, silver and more that match the Christmas spirit
Rimzim DaduXFaballey
Rimzim DaduXFaballey

Christmas is just around the corner, and what better way to spread the festive cheer than by celebrating at a Christmas party surrounded by your nearest and dearest? Picture this: a gathering where everyone is decked out in the classic colours of Christmas – the rich reds, vibrant greens, and shimmering golds, with a touch of pristine white to capture the true essence of the season.

Red takes centre stage, embodying warmth and love. Meanwhile, green pops up, symbolising renewal, life, and the enduring hope that comes with the season – think wreaths and twinkling Christmas trees. Gold exudes wealth and a touch of regality, while silver adds a dash of magic, mirroring the starry night sky. White steps in as the epitome of purity, innocence, and the serene snowfall that blankets landscapes during this season. And let's not forget the blues, crimsons, and purples that also appear in the festive decorations. To elevate your style, we've crafted a colour-coded style guide that ensures you'll be the life of the Christmas party. 

Lucky Charms

Outhouse introduces the 'Bisou' collection, a range of jewellery and accessories that beautifully captures the essence of relationships. The collection comprises women’s bracelets, pendants, earrings, and rings in dominant hues of reds and gold, with the standout piece being The OH V Furbie Bag, reimagined as a cherished memento. Additionally, discover unisex bracelets with initials and the evil eye, transformed into modern keepsakes suitable for year-round styling. 

INR 4,000 upwards. Available online.

<strong>From Bisou collection</strong>
From Bisou collection

Mini dress mania

Entering the festive season with style, Faballey has unveiled a party collection with the renowned designer Rimzim Dadu. The glamorous party edit is a fusion of sleek cuts, defined silhouettes, and eye-catching textures. Expect mini dresses, co-ords, flattering tops, and jumpsuits with edgy elements like shoulder-baring necklines, daring slits, and asymmetrical hems.

INR 1500 upwards. Available online.

<strong>From Rimzim Dadu X Faballey</strong>
From Rimzim Dadu X Faballey

Monochromatic wear

Embracing the timeless appeal of classics, ATBW translates the elegance of black and white onto the design canvas, presenting monochromatic pieces. Choose from a range of whites perfect for upcoming Christmas celebrations, including dresses, tunics, halter neck mini dresses, and blazer sets ideal for upscale occasions. 

INR 5,000 upwards. Available online.

<strong>Black and white party fits from ATBW</strong>
Black and white party fits from ATBW

Hold on to That Clutch

In collaboration with Warner Bros, Fossil unveils a unique collection inspired by the imaginative world of Willy Wonka. This whimsical capsule includes watches, leather goods, and jewellery paying homage to iconic elements of the film. The Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory X Fossil collection features stunning hand-beaded handbags, impeccably crafted chocolate bar clutches, and hand-beaded fruit bags that add a touch of bling to celebrations in hues of red, silver, and brown. 

INR 5000 upwards. Available online.

<strong>The Wonka clutch</strong>
The Wonka clutch

Blingy fits!

Designer Abhishek Sharma presents a treasure-worthy full-sleeved, form-fitted short dress for the party season. The cinched waist adorned with ornate molten gold embroidery delicately placed over a bed of pearls showcases meticulous craftsmanship. Its fuss-free style and ultra-glam embellishments make it the go-to dress for nighttime events. 

INR 2,65,000 upwards. Available online

<strong>From Abhishek Sharma</strong>
From Abhishek Sharma

Tribal footprint

Explore the most striking footwear from fashion maven Aprajita Toor's new collection of gladiators, Kaya. Named after the traditions of the Kayan tribe of Burma, known for their matriarchal culture, the golden gladiators stand out for their ability to emanate timeless fashion in a simplistic yet elegant design, making them a coveted piece in your closet.

INR 9,500 upwards. Available online

<strong>From Aprajita Toor's collection</strong>
From Aprajita Toor's collection

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