Bring on the browns: The 90s’ favourite shade is back!

So how much brown is too much brown? There’s nothing called ‘too much’. “Today’s makeup transcends aesthetics. It’s a canvas for self-expression

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Image used for representational purposes. (Photo | Wikimedia Commons)

Image used for representational purposes. (Photo | Wikimedia Commons)

Nothing really ever goes out of fashion. It perhaps vanishes for a while, but before you can blink your mascara and kohl-laden eyes, it’s back and how. The same goes for the 90s’ brown beauty trend. 
It has made a triumphant comeback and has brought with it its favourite shade. So how much brown is too much brown? If we go by the latest trends rocked by celebrities—Kylie Jenner’s Cherry Cola lips, Hailey Bieber’s Cinnamon Cookie Butter hair and Gigi Hadid’s Latte makeup look—there’s nothing called ‘too much’. “Today’s makeup transcends aesthetics. It’s a canvas for self-expression. The 1990s set the stage, but we are expanding that, crafting styles as unique as the souls who wear them. These trends empower individuals to embark on journeys of playfulness, unlocking their own interpretations of nostalgia,” says Diksha Juneja, makeup artist at MARS Cosmetics.

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Whether it’s sultry brown-toned lipsticks or the reimagined, artfully smudged liner, the revival allows one to traverse the realms of the past’s bold audacity while embracing the precision and artistry of today’s makeup. “What fascinates me about these trends is their cyclical nature. From the funky vibes of the 70s to the grunge to the 90s, what makes it even more exciting is how the trends resurface with fresh names and modern twists,” says Noida-based beauty influencer Srishti Singh Bhatia.

Lippiliciously Sensual

Remember the days when deep, sultry lips were all the rage? Well, Cherry Cola lips—channelling major Lana Del Rey vibes—are here to bring that back. The trend combines rich brown hues with a hint of burgundy, creating a luscious, dark lip colour that’s perfect for making a statement. According to Mumbai-based makeup artist and beauty expert Vaishnavi Singh, “Cherry Cola lips add a touch of drama to any look. Instead of using heavy matte lipstick, the trend leans on the use of a creamy lip liner that’s a couple of shades darker than your natural tone, complemented by a high-shine finish gloss.”


Flaunt the Warmth

If you are a fan of gentler shades, then Latte makeup and nails are here to warm your heart (and face). The trend embraces the inviting tones of latte, coffee and creamy beige. “Latte-inspired makeup and nails bring softness to your look,” Juneja says. The trend exploded on social media last month and has since raked in over 220 million views on TikTok. It uses a palette of warm shades like caramel, tan, cocoa, buff and amber. “This new iteration has a ‘dewy’ twist, a stark departure from the once-popular matte and powdery look. It’s all about achieving that natural, vibrant glow,” says Bhatia.

It’s the neutral aesthetic for transitioning between seasons. And just like its makeup counterpart, the essence of the Latte trend persists when it comes to nails. “This season, we are here to witness a resurgence of brown tones,” says Vibhu Sonani, Surat-based nail artist and educator. “Think caramel, toffee, sumptuous chocolate and velvety cream hues gracing the fingertips,” she adds.

Mane Makeover

When it comes to hair, the brown trend has taken a delicious turn with Cinnamon Cookie Butter hair, thanks to Hailey Bieber, who flaunted her warm-brown hair with a slightly copper undertone. The name itself makes you fall in love. This hair colour combines various shades of brown with hints of cinnamon and toffee, resulting in a sweet and spicy look that’s as tempting as it sounds. Delhi-based hairstylist Sushant Verma says, “It adds depth and dimension to your locks and can be customised to suit different skin tones.”

In a world dominated by ever-changing beauty trends, the return of the browns is a welcome sight for those who appreciate its timeless appeal. As Verma says, “It is a versatile colour that can be bold or subtle, cosy or spicy.” It’s time to borrow from the 90s and elevate your beauty game.

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Get the latte look 

Start with a clean, moisturised face. Apply foundation and concealer as needed, setting them with translucent powder. Fill in your eyebrows for added definition. On your eyelids, use a neutral shade of eyeshadow such as beige, brown in the crease, and a touch of shimmer in the centre. Apply brown eyeliner and add some mascara. Warm up your face with bronzer and apply a neutral blush to your cheeks. Line your lips with a brown liner and opt for nude or brown lipstick. Finish it with a setting spray.