Essential fashion staples: Must-have basics for every wardrobe!

Here are a few timeless pieces, that elevate everyday fashion experience
Essential fashion staples: Must-have basics for every wardrobe!

Something that is a reflection of your inner being should be put much thought into, isn’t it? Though fashion should be a reflection of one’s self, there are a few basic clothing pieces that guides you through your fashion journey. Here is a list of four basic fashion pieces which every fashionista must own regardless of their fashion identity.

A reliable pair of jeans

A reliable pair of blue jeans that fits you like a glove is a must-have in every closet. This is a staple piece of clothing that you can never go wrong with. A fun day out, a family meet-up or business casual, jeans are an all-time favourite. Just because it is a basic pair of jeans doesn’t mean, it does not reflect who you are. Wide-legged, skin fit, ripped, flared, high waist, low rise, tapered, the choices are many. Pick one that fits your body type and is your soul choice. A good pair of jeans is also an investment.

A T-shirt that is so you

Most people would recommend a plain white T-shirt or a black one but a go-to T-shirt that fits your style is a must-have in every wardrobe. If it is the olive green shirt that says “Need more weekend” is your go-to T-shirt, then so be it. If you know how to style your favourite T-shirt then the world is your red carpet. For beginners who are still exploring their fashion style, a plain T-shirt in a more muted colour might be a good choice to begin with.

Essential fashion staples: Must-have basics for every wardrobe!
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A black legging

There is nothing more versatile than a basic black legging. A kurti, a T-shirt, a sweatshirt, a hoodie, a crop top, you name it a black legging can pair it! An ankle fit, a skin fit, one with gathering, and a jegging are some of the options that lets you pick and choose what you like. Again you can still opt for a coloured one but the basic black one is irreplaceable.

A cosy hoodie

‘Cold is not an excuse to not be fashionable’ they say but should comfort be the sacrifice for a chick look? Comfort and fashion can go hand in hand if you know how to correctly tie them up together. A comfy yet cute hoodie can elevate your look and protect you from jittering teeth as well. It is also very versatile, from a sleek plain black hoodie to a cute character-themed one there is a pick for everyone.

It's not what you buy, but it is how you style. Wear what you love and wear it with confidence, because confidence is what makes people pull off an outfit. Happy styling!

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