Exclusive: Meet the bijoutier who crafted the exquisite jewellery for Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Heeramandi

The collection in the series boasts pieces like the pasa, tika, nath and necklaces
Stills from Heeramandi
Stills from Heeramandi

The spotlight, currently, is on Mughal jewellery, renowned for its rich heritage. Thanks to Shri Paramani Jewels and its association with the movie Heeramandi.

A sixth-generation jewellery enterprise, it specialises in high-end pieces featuring authentic rubies, emeralds, pukhraj, and diamond polki. So how did the brand get associated with the eminent filmmaker?

"We welcomed him to explore our collection, and he was particularly captivated by the exquisite basra pearls adorning pieces like the pasa, tika, nath, and necklaces. He is an artist and understands art, and our jewellery making is an art.” recollects Vinay Gupta of Shri Paramani Jewels.

Indulge spoke to Vinay who let us in on the Heeramandi collection which boasts high-end jewellery featuring real rubies, emeralds, pukhraj, diamond polki and precious stones of finest quality.

Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar is streaming on Netflix. Read the full interview with Vinay Gupta, the designer behind the series' jewellery collection on May 17.

Stills from Heeramandi
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