Celebrity stylist Amit Thakur, the man behind Katrina Kaif and Nayanthara's wedding looks, has special hair tips for brides-to-be

Celebrity hairstylist Amit Thakur has worked with the likes of Janhvi Kapoor, Sharvari Wagh and Jacqueline Fernandez

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Pre-wedding hair care tips by Amit Thakur

Pre-wedding hair care tips by Amit Thakur

A perfect hairstyle is what perfectly completes a wedding look. As a bride or someone's bridesmaid, you know how stressful it is to think of different hairstyles to wear with different wedding outfits. Picking an ensemble for the big day is easier but picking the right hairstyle? That is the real deal.

And the struggle does not end just there. You would think your work would end with choosing the hairdos for the wedding week but not so much. Ahead of the wedding festivities, you need to make sure your hair is in good condition so that it can handle all the messy buns, the sleek ponytails and the flower-infused braids you want.

We sat down with celebrity stylist Amit Thakur, who gave Katrina Kaif and 'lady superstar' Nayanthara the perfect bridal hairstyles. In an exclusive chat, he told us all about pre-wedding haircare that the bride and her girl gang must swear by.

One natural ingredient for healthy hair...

I would personally say it's coconut oil; it works wonders. Put coconut oil an hour before the shower and massage the scalp. The massage increases the blood circulation of the scalp, resulting in healthier hair. Also, the oil increases the shine and elasticity of the hair.

One treatment brides must avoid prior to the wedding...

One thing that brides should not do before the wedding would be - do not go very drastic on a colour; I see a lot of people doing something extremely different without thinking much about it and that can just completely change the way they look and you wouldn’t want that on your wedding day.

Trimming or a haircut prior to the wedding — your pick...

If you have not gotten a haircut in a long time, you can get a haircut, and it’s also about post-wedding — if you are getting married and after that, you wanna have nice hair for your honeymoon without doing much, then I would say, get a nice haircut.

Favourite celebrity-approved wedding hairstyle...

One hairstyle that a bride can never go wrong with would be a sleek, centre-parted bun because most Indian brides do have jewellery and a dupatta on the head. It suits most face shapes and most facial structures and it goes with everything. It is fuss-free and it doesn’t get spoiled so that’s one hairstyle for the brides I would say is approved. As for the bridesmaid, it will be a nice fun ponytail or just half-tied hair with soft waves.

Tell us a bit more about Katrina and Nayanthara's wedding hairdo...

For Katrina’s wedding, we had a lot of looks to do because we had a couple of functions, so we did various looks. We designed every look way prior and we got the hair pieces and hair accessories made. It was a lot of fun creating those looks with an overall idea in mind, whereas with Nayanthara it was pretty simple; it was very classic and extremely elegant.

A bridal hair myth you wish to burst...

You must wear an updo for your wedding. Nowadays, it’s not fixed that you have to do a bun; nowadays, brides are trying to do different things and it’s amazing! Down styles can be as formal and beautiful as updos, so if you’re comfortable and confident with hair down, just go for it. Wearing your hair down doesn’t mean you have to have the same styles. You can add length with extensions; add texture with products and tools.

Any additional tips?

Thakur had a bit of additional advice for the brides where he urged them to embrace their natural texture on their wedding day. He noted, "When you are not working against the natural texture, you are using fewer products and you are damaging your hair less by not using any hot tools."

"If your natural texture is not in the best condition, I would say: figure out a way to use products that will help you to maintain your hair in the best possible way with your natural hair texture," he added.

Thakur has worked with the likes of Janhvi Kapoor, Shanaya Kapoor, Alaya F, Alia Bhatt and many other prominent names in the industry. He has done everything from simplistic yet chic beach waves to complicated retro hairstyles. Lately, he has been experimenting with hairstyles from the '70s and '80s eras because he finds them "timeless and beautiful."

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