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Achieve 'locks of confidence' by adding Shikakai to your haircare routine 

Shikakai, derived from the Acacia concinna plant, has been a cornerstone of holistic hair care routines for centuries in India

Published on 1st December 2023
Bridal beauty

Weddings: Skin and haircare experts reveal bridal beauty secrets

They advise on long-term beauty regimen, maintaining a healthy diet, and do’s and don’ts in bridal makeup.

Published on 1st December 2023

A list of good shampoos from brands like Redken to invest in this fall

Investing in a good shampoo during autumn and winter is a wise choice for maintaining healthy, beautiful hair throughout the colder months.

Published on 13th October 2023
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Fighting back against hereditary hair loss

ating a balanced diet rich in essential nutrients is crucial for maintaining strong, healthy hair

Published on 16th September 2023
Understanding heat-damaged hair and its irreversible effects

Understanding heat-damaged hair and its irreversible effects

In an effort to comprehend the irreversible nature of heat-damaged hair, it is essential to delve into the intricate realm of hair structure

Published on 22nd August 2023

Summer self-care, simplified

Upgrade personal care this season with the hottest beauty routines 

Published on 11th June 2023
Fix My Curls 5 Step Protein Bundle

Pamper your mom this Mother’s Day

Skincare/haircare products are one of the best ways to gift you mom and make her feel rejuvenated and confident

Published on 11th May 2023
Unisex salon Naoki in Hyderabad 

Former Miss Telangana Nikshitia Rao opens luxe unisex salon Naoki in Hyderabad 

It offers skin care, hair care and other personal care services in a spacious space.

Published on 7th March 2023
Priyanka Chopra’s Holi celebration

Use preservative-free aloe vera gel after wash: How to care for your post-Holi hair

Make sure you are oiling your tresses and tying them in a braid before playing Holi

Published on 4th March 2023
Some tips for haircare

Here are four tips to take care of your hair as you age

Some Ayurvedic hair care techniques are listed here for you to effortlessly incorporate into your daily life

Published on 23rd August 2022
Alps Goodness Orange Peel Powder for Skin & Hair

Product review: Double delight with the Alps Goodness Orange Peel Powder for Skin & Hair

The Alps Goodness Orange Peel Powder for Skin & Hair is a pocket-friendly, dual-purpose mask. Once you open the seal, a zip-log packet contains the powder that is unscented

Published on 20th November 2022

Priyanka Chopra takes us through her haircare routine, fitness choices and upcoming projects

On the sidelines of her hair care label Anomaly's India launch, Priyanka also shares with us her other upcoming plans 

Published on 14th October 2022
Haircare during monsoons

Here’s how to keep your hair fall woes at bay this monsoon

We handpick a bunch of products that might help in maintaining the natural health of your hair and scalp

Published on 11th August 2022
Oziva products. Representational image

Check out new skin and haircare products from OZiva

If clean beauty is your kryptonite, it’s time you gave OZiva’s skin and haircare range a chance

Published on 27th September 2021
The big chop could be prompted by change. Hair stands for conformity, regularity and consistency. An upheaval makes it a burden of expectations.

Here’s some insight that will help you figure out hair cut decisions

With the rise in 1920s style bobs and pixie hair cuts, ‘chopping it all off’ has become an outlet for grief, tumult, loss, desire and self-acceptance

Published on 27th September 2021

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