Savour short eats and single malt cocktails at Johnnie Walker Gourmet Experiences, Hyderabad chapter

That apart, take down celebrity chef Ben Ungermann's ice cream recipe too
Johnnie Walker Gourmet Experiences
Johnnie Walker Gourmet Experiences

After our candid chat, Ben directed us towards his Masterclass at Zega, Sheraton Hyderabad Hotel, where he whipped up an ice cream, which was nothing short of a delicacy. His Toasted Coconut Ice Cream with macerated raisins soaked in Johnnie Walker Black Label was delightfully smoky, thanks to the scotch infused raisins that left a nutty aftertaste. After tasting spoons of the sinful dessert, our expectations were rather high from the dinner — Johnnie Walker Gourmet Experiences Special Menu — curated by Ben, in collaboration with executive chef Amit Dash. The first short eat that arrived on the table was a Gochujang Marinated Twice Cooked Chicken Nuggets.

The crispy nuggets dipped in ssamjang mayonnaise would have been a little too spicy had it not been for the shredded carrots, which has a cooling effect. The appetiser is paired perfectly with the cocktail, Black Sour — comprising Johnnie Walker Black Label, ginger extracts and lime — boasted a smoky and citrus hint. Next up was the Steamed Shitake Stuffed with Mock Duck Mousse (gluten-based soy alternative). Immersed in the Spicy Black Pepper Sauce, the starter is tangy to taste. We wash it down with the next cocktail, Islay’s Whisper, presented in a tall glass. The strong flavour of Johnnie Walker Double Black fused smoothly with the sweet hint of the clear apple juice. From the main course, we recommend meat lovers to try the Cilantro Peanut and Sesame marinated Lamb Chops. It all came full circle as we ended our meal with single malt infused sweet dish —  Cinnamon Laden Black Label Chocolate Showstopper, which was just the ticket to dessert heaven we needed.

With inputs from A Harini Prasad. Rs 3,300 per person. For dinner on weekends, till December end.

Here's the recipe for the Toasted Coconut Johnnie Walker Black Label Raisin Ice Cream if you want to try it at home:

Toasted Coconut Johnnie Walker Black Label Raisin Ice Cream
Pic: A Harini Prasad

Milk: 2½ cups  | Shredded coconut (toasted): 150 gms | Eggs: 3  | Sugar: 280 gms  | Full cream (35%): 3 cups | Rum raisin liquid: 50 ml  | Raisins soaked in Johnnie Walker Black Label: 375 gms 

■     Submerge roughly chopped raisins in Johnnie Walker Black Label overnight.
■     Add eggs and sugar into an electric mixer. Whip for 15-20 minutes, until mixture is white
■     Meanwhile, toast coconut in a pan until brown.
■     Add milk and blend them. Strain with a muslin cloth, reserve 1½ cups of flavoured coconut milk.
■     Place toasted coconut milk in a fridge until fat rises to the top.
■     Pour flavoured milk through a strainer to catch any fat and add to stand mixer.
■     Whisk with egg and sugar mixture for 5 minutes on high speed until bubbles form on the top.
■     Add cream and mix on medium speed until thickened.
■     Place 50 ml of whisky raisin liquid and whisk quickly for only 30 seconds.
■     Pour into the machine and churn. Mix through drained raisins.

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