Red Velvet with a chocolate ganache by Cafe Adoniya
Red Velvet with a chocolate ganache by Cafe Adoniya

Have you tried the Tsunami cake yet?

Ganache and glee are served in equal parts with this dessert storm that is flooding social media

Trickle, tumble, tier drop. Tsunami cakes have been making waves on social media platforms for close to a year now. And now, thanks to a few bakers closer home in Chennai — you can order your own deluge of chocolate, at a day’s notice. 

The trend which is believed to have originated in Portugal is known by two popular hashtags — Bolo Tsunami cake or the Pull me up cake. The latter is a hint of how things work. 

<em>Rasamalai cake by Magic Li'l Things</em>
Rasamalai cake by Magic Li'l Things

Self-taught baker Prasitha Lakshmi (27) first featured her own version of the Tsunami cake on her Instagram handle Magic Li’l Things a month ago. Layered sponge and cream cakes arrive at your doorstep. But encased in a towering sheath of plastic. A separate bottle holds your ganache which is what will later trickle down the sides. Pour, pour, pour. And then... pull up that separator for a dose of fun and theatrics. “We have packaging designed for the big spill,” Prasitha tells us. She offers two flavors — chocolate and rasamalai. But the real thrill comes before her clients dig in. “Every video that gets posted usually has gleeful shrieks in the background with someone saying Yay!” she relays with her laugh.

While these are compact 350-gram sizes (INR 450), others like Maaria Kulsum of Cafe Adoniya only take orders of one kilo (INR 1,800) minimum and a slightly different format. “My cakes have the ganache on top already, and the recipe I used ensures it won’t set even if refrigerated forward a few hours.” But this means extreme care en route to prevent dents and spillage. As a result she tells us, these Tsunami cakes actually get their own Uber driver! Now, how sweet is that? 

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