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Pet friendly cafes in Mumbai

Four pet bakeries in Mumbai that serve surprise treats to your furry friends

Piper’s Pet Bakery is a new addition to the city's pet clubs 

Published on 24th June 2022

CK Bakery rolls out a scrumptious Oreo Cake to celebrate the season of love

Indulge in this delectable dessert on Valentine's Day

Published on 14th February 2023
Christmas Cupcakes By Magnolia Bakery

Plum cakes, croissants and more: Bengaluru's finest dessert places serve delightful Christmas treats 

Put on your most comfy pyjamas with your favourite pair of socks, get a hot cup of cocoa and try out some scrumptious desserts by Bengaluru's best 

Published on 24th December 2022
Chef Bakers founder Vishnu Das Kumaran talks about his journey into becoming entrepreneur

 Chef Bakers founder Vishnu Das Kumaran talks about his journey into becoming entrepreneur

We talk to him and trace out the road he has walked so far, how his years of working abroad have shaped him, and what inspired him to start Chef Bakers

Published on 23rd December 2022

Café Yonder has introduced an in-house bakery and a plethora of Asian delights to celebrate its first birthday

Their Chicken Tikka Kebab undoubtedly is one of the bests we have tasted in recent times

Published on 16th December 2022
An assorment of cupcakes

This Hyderabad-based home baker is whipping up decadent goodies such as customised cakes, and brownies

Baked by Rachel Reddy also offers cupcake and cake pops options too

Published on 11th November 2022
13 Reasons Why

The trailer of Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why is here and things look dark

The tapes were just the beginning...Hannah Baker wasn't the only one

Published on 9th May 2018
Chef Aditi Handa

The sourdough protagonist: Meet 'The Baker’s Dozen' founder Chef Aditi Handa

Her plan was more solid, to make the age-old tradition into an accessible and affordable commodity for all

Published on 2nd November 2022
Confetti Banana Pudding at Magnolia Bakery, Bengaluru

This Bengaluru bakery introduces Confetti Banana Pudding to their menu

A playful take on the popular dessert, Confetti Banana Pudding is made of fresh bananas, vanilla pudding, and the bakery’s signature Confetti Cake

Published on 1st November 2022
Assortment of cupcakes
Theobroma means ‘food of the Gods’ in Greek

Popular bakery Theobroma opens its doors in Chennai

The brand started its journey in 2004 in Mumbai as a family-run bakery

Published on 14th October 2022
A still from the film 'Sayanna Varthakal'

'Sayanna Varthakal' movie review: Reasonably engaging whistleblower drama

Gokul Suresh is convincing as a corrupt official trying to mend his ways

Published on 6th August 2022
Habitat. (Photo | EPS)

Building homes with mud

Mud — the malleable material — has many benefits. You can even build homes using it. It offers better insulation than steel and concrete structures, says experts, while being eco-friendly

Published on 6th August 2022

95 Degree Cafe and Bakery’s bill of fare offers endless Continental and Oriental options to indulge in

95 Degree Café and Bakery’s second outlet in Lake Market allows you to relax in style over some quality delectables

Published on 5th August 2022

Savour juicy mangoes at JW Bakery Kolkata

A host of mango special pastries and gateaux is sure to leave you mesmerised

Published on 25th June 2022

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