Thalassery biryani in a Bento Box? This menu delivers comfort packaged with dollops of innovation

KCK FoodPack Delivery, a brand new vertical of  Kappa Chakka Kandhari serves up a smorgasbord of regional cuisines
Bento box non-veg
Bento box non-veg

For Chef Regi Mathew, it has always been about making the customer happy. And boy, are we thrilled! Undaunted by the changing landscape of the food industry during this pandemic era, the chef has been hitting the drawing board relentlessly. He has been designing and recreating food options that match the delivery module and the expectations of a diner sitting at his home. “We worked on the feedback provided by well-wishers to understand the new needs of the customer,” says Chef Regi.

Launching a brand new vertical, KCK FoodPack Delivery, the culinary brains that had created the wildly popular Kerala menu for the restaurant Kappa Chakka Kandhari, is now bringing us a delightful smorgasbord of comfort food that explores other regional cuisines. “What KCK FoodPack has in common with Kappa Chakka Kandhari is the superior quality of ingredients, the meticulous preparation and most importantly — the trust factor,” says the chef, adding that he picked dishes that fared well despite the time lapsed between the preparation of a dish and when it eventually reaches the customer’s table. 

<em>Lemon mint cooler</em>
Lemon mint cooler

Box office
What had our attention promptly was their Malabar Bento box. An innovative version of the Japanese meal, the gorgeous brown paper box has a generous portion of their well-known Thalassery Biryani accompanied with Chicken 65, Prawn masala, chicken curry and a fluffy roll of Malabar Parota. And if by now you are not overwhelmed with joy, then that delectable sweet but savoury Date Chutney with the biryani will definitely ensure you cave. But of course, not before you have done justice to the signature Caramel Custard that has also made it to this happy bento place.

<em>Ayala fish fry</em>
Ayala fish fry

Going coconuts
Sampling from the rest of this new menu, being a staunch non-vegetarian, the spicy, darkly roasted Beef Fry was a winner at the first whiff. The Kerala-style pulled Chicken Coconut Fry dotted with garlic bits and rims of toasted coconut along with the shredded meat is mild on the heat and high on flavour. Pescetarians will delight over the fish fry that is pleasantly not too bony, while it is flaky and delicious. The choice of Ayala fish reinforces Chef Regi’s focus on procuring fresh quality produce, now sourced locally. 

Make peas
However, what we would really like to write home about is their Green Peas curry and Puttu. The former boasts perfectly balanced seasoning and spices, while the latter is sweet with fresh coconut — together they create culinary magic. And it gets better when you try the Kallappams. Delicately spiced, we find that the pancake-like dish withstood the journey to our table rather well. The Almond Jamun Delight made for a sweet ending, and do note they have an exciting list of fresh juices all bottled and perfect for this delivery module. Service available only in Chennai currently. Meal for two at INR 700 to INR 800 plus taxes.

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