Nutritionist Pooja Banga busts some myths about going gluten-free

Should you really go gluten-free?

author_img U.Roy Published :  25th September 2020 07:01 PM   |   Published :   |  25th September 2020 07:01 PM

Here's all you need to know about gluten

Going gluten-free is the fad desi fitness enthusiasts are going for right now, but just because the Kardashians are doing it, doesn’t mean it’s for you. In fact, experts maintain that going totally gluten-free can lead to severe health issues, as it can take away important nutrients from your diet. So, embarking on a gluten-free diet, on the recommendation of a fitness influencer, that too without consulting a nutritionist could have some serious repercussions, especially since you don’t need to give up gluten to stay healthy.

So, we spoke to Pooja Banga, director and nutritionist at Cultivating Health, who is also a wellness coach who specialises in the field of holistic wellness to burst some bubbles around the gluten-free diet fad. “If you break it down, gluten is an insoluble protein made up of two chemicals called gliadin and glutenin. It is found in grains like wheat, bailey, rai and some oats. Everything you love about pasta, bread,  all that airiness, chewiness, elasticity is all thanks to gluten, it's the gluten that holds it together,” Banga reveals.

Myth: All Gluten Is All Bad

Gluten free diet is not a weight loss diet. It is a diet for people with health concerns. Just a few of us are allergic to gluten. Gluten is poison for people with celiac disease, it's deadly. But overall it's not bad. Food including gluten are nutritious.  It's just that foods like processed foods, white wheat include gluten and are unhealthy. 

Myth: It Has No Nutritional Value

Gluten adds protein to food.  Also, food including gluten are a rich source of fibre, it is difficult to eat healthy in a gluten free diet. There is no evidence that proves avoiding gluten helps in weight loss. Many gluten-free foods in fact have more fat and sugar in order to maintain texture and taste. The myth about gluten-free products is that it is carb-free. Also,  people think avoiding gluten from diet makes them energetic.  Many foods that include gluten are healthy and nutritious. Avoiding gluten means you are not consuming the required nutrients that makes you weak.

Myth: We Can Do Away With Carbs Altogether

Carbs are not the enemy.  If anything, they are the basic fuel for the human body. You will be depriving your body from its basic needs if going carb free or low carb

Myth: Green Tea Is All You Need

No, green tea cannot make you lose weight, until and unless you are going to climb a mountain for getting those leaves

Myth: A Gluten-Free Diet Is Expensive

It's a misconception that gluten-free products are costly. There are products that are expensive but not all.  Food like rice, fruits,  vegetables, meat etc are gluten-free and affordable