Chef Ranveer Brar reveals he sold 'jalebis' to make ends meet in college

He talked about his struggling days in one of the episodes of MasterChef India
Chef Ranveer Brar reveals he sold 'jalebis' to make ends meet in college
Chef Ranveer Brar reveals he sold 'jalebis' to make ends meet in college

Chef Ranveer Brar, who rules the space of YouTube cooking and serves as the judge on the cooking reality show MasterChef India, has shared that he "made ends meet" during his college days by making jalebis.

New season of MasterChef India is all set to turn up the flame

The new season of MasterChef India is all set to turn up the flame as the contestants will battle out in the challenge of overnight cooking. Ranveer has called this challenge a test of patience. This will involve the process of fermentation of a unique blend of ingredients overnight, without the luxury of knowing how they will turn out to be, until the following morning. Each home cook has to craft their dish using the same fermented ingredient.

Talking about the challenge, Ranveer said, “This challenge is a test of patience, creativity, and adaptability in the kitchen, showcasing the essence of MasterChef India. Not a lot of people know, but there was a time when making jalebis decided how I would live for the next three months. Selling jalebis was how I made ends meet during my college days."

MasterChef Judges Ranveer Singh and Vikas Khanna Reflect on Nerve-Wracking Overnight Cooking Challenge

Ranveer further added, "Back then, I used to be incredibly nervous about the overnight fermentation of the batter. This overnight cooking challenge reminds me of my days. This will only help contestants hone their culinary skills in remarkable ways."

Reflecting on the nerve-wracking overnight cooking challenge, Chef Vikas Khanna, Ranveer’s fellow judge, shared that the overnight challenge is a true example of pushing the boundaries of contestants and evaluating their skills.

Vikas said, “One must be prepared for any sort of challenge when it comes to cooking. And in my opinion, only when one pushes the boundaries will they know if it was an innovation or a lesson learned, and both are equally important to becoming a MasterChef.”

Chef Pooja Dhingra said, “As a pastry chef, I understand the importance of patience and precision in cooking. The overnight cooking challenge demands both. It is not just about the final dish, it is about the transformations, and the surprises that come with slow cooking.”

MasterChef India streams Monday-Friday on Sony LIV.

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