ITC Fabelle’s Fete du Chocolat reimagined offers German and French desserts with a twist 

In celebration of World Chocolate Day, the esteemed Fabelle Exquisite Chocolates introduced Fête du Chocolat.
Fabelle Boutique
Fabelle Boutique

Seated by the floor-to-ceiling windows, we were ogling at a crystal glass chandelier that added a charm to the hallway that sported caved arches in the walls, which were decked up with regal paintings that made us feel like we had landed in England. We snapped out of the moment when an irresistible aroma caught out attention. Piping hot São Tomé Classic Hot Cocoa it was. The velvety elixir crafted from single-origin Sao Tome 70 percent dark chocolate boasted sweet floral notes that danced harmoniously with the essence of Madagascar vanilla pods, Sri Lankan cinnamon and a hint of black pepper, all crowned by fluffy marshmallows that sent our serotonin levels soaring.

In celebration of World Chocolate Day, the esteemed Fabelle Exquisite Chocolates introduced Fête du Chocolat. As the curtains rose on this month-long affair, held exclusively at the charming Fabelle boutiques nestled within the opulent ITC Gardenia and ITC Windsor in Bengaluru, we walked in to indulge some of their specials.

Embarking on our chocolatey odyssey, we first begin with a delectable symphony: a duet of desserts. The Passion Fruit, Frangipane & White Chocolate Tart captivated our taste buds with opulent almond frangipane and a luscious cocoa sablé, crowned with the essence of passion fruit. In harmonious contrast, the Gianduja, Caramel and Cocoa Brownie emerged as an indulgent masterpiece, a succulent union of 64 percent single-origin Ghana dark chocolate and toasted hazelnuts, elevated by a sumptuous caramel galçage.

And then, a crescendo of German delicacies graced our presence. Crafted with an exquisite blend of chocolates, this divine assortment of glazed creations, each adorned with Fabelle Chocolate Creme, bewitched our senses with its three variants. Espresso, Cinnamon Milk Chocolate Berliner, The Forest Berry Chocolate Berliner and Pistachio, Cranberry & White Chocolate Berliner. Of this divine trio, the Forest Berry Chocolate Berliner held us in its thrall, its luscious berry notes perfectly paired with the cream and the doughnut.

Even before we unanimously decided on the winning berliner, a parade of croissants from Fabelle’s Croissant Suprême, re-imagined as a round shape with centre fillings, emerged from the periphery of our vision. We savoured the Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut Cremeux and the Ruby Chocolate & Cherry variants. While the former enraptured us effortlessly with its spot-on chocolate infusion, the sugar levels in the ruby croissant proved to be a symphony of sweetness that surpassed our desired levels of indulgence.

The valedictorian of this journey was the brand’s iconic Chocolate Flower, a mousse made with single-origin St Domingue 70 percent dark chocolate, Turkish pistachio cream and raspberry confit, all surrounded by chocolate petals that unfolded dramatically on our plate.

₹200 onwards. On till July 31. At Vasanth Nagar & Residency Road.

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