Maya Pistola Agavepura collaborates with Manu Chandra's Lupa for a five-course menu

Manu Chandra's restaurant serves a delightful five-course menu and each course is complemented by a carefully crafted Pistola cocktail
Lupa MG Road
Lupa MG Road

Maya Pistola Agavepura, the renowned agave spirit brand, recently hosted an exclusive event at Lupa on MG Road, treating guests to a remarkable evening filled with exquisite flavours and expert craftsmanship. Collaborating with culinary artist Manu Chandra, the event showcased a delightful five-course menu, each course complemented by a carefully crafted Pistola cocktail. This unique culinary and cocktail experience was a celebration of impeccable flavours, creativity, and indulgence.

The evening commenced with an amuse bouche—a tart loaded with avocado espuma, salsa fresca, green tomatillo chips, and tajin dust. The first course delighted the senses with an ice apple & lychee aguachile verde, consisting of pickled summer vegetables, alliums, jalapeño, spiked cucumber juice, and coriander foam. Paired perfectly with the Pistola Joven, Rambutan, this combination enhanced the flavours of the dish and offered a truly unique experience.

The second course featured a stuffed zucchini blossom, filled with white asparagus purée, parmesan fondue, and sauce pistou. The cocktail pairing, Pistola Rosa de Poire, homemade fig jam, and angostura bitter, added a touch of elegance and complemented the dish's delicate flavours.

Next came the third course, presenting an almond-crusted salmon with sautéed snow peas, champagne sauce, and salmon skin. This flavorful creation was accompanied by the roasted jalapeño infused Pistola Reposado cocktail, blended with salted grapefruit juice, fresh lime, simple syrup, and tonic water.

To cleanse the palate, a refreshing sorbet made from Gondhoraj lemon, citrus gel, and seltzer was served before proceeding to the fourth course. This course took a fun twist with a table taqueria (DIY) concept, allowing guests to assemble their own masa tacos with lamb barbacoa, roasted cauliflower, crisp breadfruit, and a variety of delectable accompaniments. The Pistola Joven, Totapuri Mango, cardamom and coriander cordial, orange bitters, and saline cocktail complemented the dynamic flavours of this interactive dish.

The grand finale arrived with the last course—a Nolen Gur crémeaux. This exquisite dessert featured white rum and coconut mousse, caramelized bananas, jamun foam, cinnamon micro sponge and hazelnut praline. The harmonious blend of flavours in this sweet creation left a lasting impression.

The marriage of Manu Chandra's culinary artistry and Pistola's expertly crafted cocktails resulted in an evening that delighted all the senses. The beverage will not hold many more such events at various culinary locations across the city in the coming days. 

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