The Indian Cacao & Craft Chocolate Festival returns to Bengaluru, bigger and sweeter!

Bringing the bean to the fore, the biggest Indian craft chocolate festival will host craft chocolate makers, cacao farmers and chocolatiers from across the country
The Indian Cacao & Craft Chocolate Festival
The Indian Cacao & Craft Chocolate Festival

The Indian Cacao & Craft Chocolate Festival is back in the city and it is safe to say that we feel like Charlie Bucket when he won the golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s land of chocolate. Only this time, the chocolate factory we are referring to is the one where we are acquainted with cacao’s journey from a humble bean to a delightfully sweet treat.

What sets this Bengaluru-based festival apart is that it hosts craft chocolate makers, cacao farmers and chocolatiers from across the country and brings the process of chocolate-making, one that does not add significantly to your calorie intake, to the forefront.

We speak to the curator of the two-day-long festival, Romania-based bean-to-bar chocolate consultant, Patricia Cosma, who tells us that the latest edition will feature collaborations between artisanal chocolate brands, immersive workshops, expert helmed tasting sessions and lots more.

<em>The Indian Cacao & Craft Chocolate Festival </em>
The Indian Cacao & Craft Chocolate Festival

What does chocolate mean to you and tell us about this festival?
I always had a liking for chocolate. I would sometimes give up food to eat chocolate and my mum would hide the bars from me. Chocolate was the highlight of my life. But keto helped me discover craft chocolate. My interest in wellness and health made me try a lot of different craft chocolates and I was blown away by the different layers of flavours. The main aim of this festival is to bring more awareness to craft chocolate in India and also bring the community together.

What sets this edition apart from the previous ones? What is extra special this year?
This year we have more craft chocolate brands which the city has not seen before like Subko Cacao, Manam from Hyderabad and some small chocolate makers from Kerala. This year we also have workshops where we are pairing wine with chocolate. Additionally, in this edition, you will see more collaborations between artisanal brands and craft chocolate makers. There will be a lot to discover at the festival.

How does this festival embrace sustainable practices?
Craft chocolate is fully sustainable. Basically how the beans are sourced and processed, that entire process is ethical and transparent. Additionally, all the brands that are participating follow sustainable protocols.

INR 250 onwards. November 25-26,10 am to 8 pm. At Bangalore International Center, Domlur.

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