This brand new restaurant in Bengaluru is serving a new menu of South Indian snacky faves

Street food goes luxe!
Muruku Cheese Sandwich
Muruku Cheese Sandwich

You are walking somewhere down a busy street in South India, the sun is blazing and as the day comes to a close, you are greeted with the sizzles and hisses of street side foods taking savoury shapes on hot woks.

Vendors are whipping out fried food, even as hungry crowds wait for their food, their mouths watering. But with the advent of high concerns of health and tidiness, people have become highly doubtful of their humble street delicacies.

Walking into Kari Theory on a rainy evening, teleported us to these streets of South India. For starters, we munched on Salem Thattu Vada and Muruku Cheese Sandwich. While the former was a mix of shredded beetroot, carrot and coconut, the latter was cheesy, with the murukku adding an extra crunch.

After the starter bites, we were served Cauliflower Mundri Varuval, which were fried cauliflower fitters with cashewnuts. Wrapped in a donne leaf, this dish took us straight to the streets of Karaikudi.

Kundapura Chicken Curry
Kundapura Chicken Curry
Kavuni Arisi Karupatti Halwa
Kavuni Arisi Karupatti Halwa
Muruku Cheese Sandwich
Chef Atsushi Yonaha brings authentic Japanese flavours to Bengaluru

The perfectly crisp cauliflower, that was mild on spice, prepared our tastebuds for an array of street foods that were to follow. For our main course, we were served Kundapura Chicken Curry with the traditional Neer Dosa, native to Dakshina Kannada.

Dipping the paper thin dosas into the creamy curry, the combination of the two was a match made in heaven. We were also served Coorgi Chicken Roast, a spicy yet soothing dried chicken dish served on another donne leaf.

Awed by the traditional style of donne-leaf-served dishes, we were then served idiyappam, wrapped in banana leaves. To go with the delicate, rice flour noodles, we were served paya curry (lamb trotters).

However, the highlight of the array of foods and our favourite was the Paal Katti Inji Roast. Served on a sizzling hot pan and topped with coconut milk and herbs, the delicate paneer (paal katti) with a zest of ginger and the creamy milk was a party on the taste buds.

We wrapped up our lunch with Kavuni Arisi Karupatti Halwa, which was warm and had the perfect balance of sweetness.

Meal for two: INR 3,000 onwards. At Ulsoor.


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Muruku Cheese Sandwich
Bengaluru’s beloved vegetarian deli and café opens its second outlet in the city with several new dishes on the menu

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