Chef Atsushi Yonaha brings authentic Japanese flavours to Bengaluru

Chef Atsushi Yonaha brings authentic Japanese flavours to Bengaluru

Celebrate International Sushi Day at the Four Seasons Hotel with a masterclass in sushi-making, showcasing unparalleled taste and tradition

Sushi, a phenomenon so huge that it’s transcended the boundaries of Japan, to become a global culinary sensation beloved by food enthusiasts everywhere. But like any art, sushi is a craft that demands precision, creativity and a deep respect for tradition, making it challenging to enjoy the real thing outside the confines of Japan.

However, exceptions can always be made, as chef Atsushi Yonaha at the Four Seasons Hotel brings the best of Japan to Bengaluru in celebration of International Sushi Day.

Hosting a showcase of Sushi & Shokunin-waza, the art of sushi making, our meals were skillfully put together right in front of our eyes with the chef explaining every step of the Japanese tradition as he assembled our food.

We kicked off our sushi journey the same way they do at home, with a helping of edamame (boiled soybeans in the pod) before moving on to the main star of our meal, the sushi.

We were served an array of exotic nigiri (sushi made with a rice ball and wasabi) that you’d find nowhere else in India which included fresh black cod, tuna, shrimp and even sea urchin.

Each morsel of our food provided a sensation of unparalleled taste and texture that left us craving for more. In keeping with Japanese tradition, we savored a slice of pickled ginger after each piece of sushi, using it as a refreshing palate cleanser.

We could spend hours discussing the delicate tastes and flavors of each sushi (and we did) but our top two had to be the Uni Gunkan (sea urchin with ariake nori) and the Aburi Chutoro with Truffle Carpaccio (torched fatty tuna topped with truffles).

Chef Atsushi Yonaha brings authentic Japanese flavours to Bengaluru
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It’s evident that this menu boasts seafood that cannot be sourced anywhere else in Bengaluru and we were simply astounded by the freshness and unique flavours these dishes had to offer. With every ingredient being sourced straight from the Consulate-General of Japan, we had complete confidence in the freshness and preparation of our seafood. 

Upon completing the course of nigiri, we concluded the main course of our meal with a small serving of Owanmono (scallop and egg miso soup) that featured a warm and creamy broth, accompanied by the textureful umami flavored bits of scallop and silken tofu.

To complete our feast, we eagerly watched chef Yonaha prepare a staple Japanese dessert known as Oshiruko (mochi in red bean soup). A ball-sized cake made of glutinous rice, their mochi did everything right with its bouncy but gooey texture and subtly sweet taste, which made for a simple and sweet dessert with the red bean soup. 

Set Menu: Priced at INR 5,000 plus tax per person. Available only for dinner. 

Experiential Sushi Bar: Priced at INR 10,000 plus tax per person. Available only for dinner from 8 PM to 10 PM, with just 6 seats per session.

(Written by Abhinav Shenoy)

Chef Atsushi Yonaha brings authentic Japanese flavours to Bengaluru
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