Indulge checks out Babumoshai's new menu

Dig into a refreshing array of flavours
Try the new delicious flavours from Babumoshai
Try the new delicious flavours from Babumoshai

In this fast-paced world, enter the colourful Babumoshai, take a moment’s breath, and savour global flavours while watching the busy Kolkata landscape. Indulge went over for this immersive experience in the restaurant with an updated interior and menu curated by corporate chef Arindam Banerjee.

Owner Roshni Aditya says, "Babumoshai has been there for more than 20 years now and we thought it was high time we brought in some changes that complement modern tastes and sensibilities. Our interior is more colourful and contemporary and our cuisine is a fusion of all the best methods of preparation and presentations.”

Up first was the Burnt orange basil mojito with orange slices, basil leaves, julienned ginger, and caramelised sugar. The sweet, tangy, and refreshing mocktail with a strong basil after-kick was a welcome way to start off lunch. For starters came Rajasthani Kumbh, spice-tossed mushrooms served with salad. The dish had mithania mirchi which is used in Rajasthani Laal Maas, red in colour with a kick of spice and yet not spicy. It was followed by Chingri’r Tikki. Flavourful, thin, patty-sized prawn cutlets served with fresh leafy salad, parsley sauce, and papad. The patties were made after grinding the prawns in sil batta which provided a coarse, crumbly, and crunchy texture to the dish.

We sipped along another tasty mocktail, Sunset while we waited for the next set of meaty dishes. Made with grenadine, litchi juice, and blue curacao, not only did Sunset have colourful layers that make an ombre effect making it pleasing to look at but also had a strong litchi after-taste. The Mutton Burra was the best of the lot. Soft tender meat clinging to the bones was hurriedly gorged on and they melted immediately in the mouth. The smoothness of the texture came from the hazelnut paste used in the dish which made it stand out from regular mutton dishes.

The smoked and tender Kesari Murgh had us dig into the thigh pieces as soon as they were served. The kesar brush added sweetness to the meat along with a slightly deeper golden colour that complemented the charred edges formed due to smoking the pieces.

To wrap up the meal came Babuder Biriyani. True to its name, a one-pot Biriyani, sealed shut with roti comprising long-grained rice with a touch of kesar along with both chicken and mutton pieces was a biryani lover’s heaven. The rice itself was fresh and flavourful while the meats were equally delicate.

Visiting the renovated Babumoshai is a definite recommendation if you want to relax and indulge in family or me-time and enjoy hospitable service and sumptuous food.

Lohar Bridge, 1518, Garia Main Road

Price for two (approx.): Rs 1000 AI

Photographs by Pritam Sarkar

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