Indulge in Kolkata's chocolate delights this World Chocolate Day

Chocolate lovers, here's your chance to grab some of the tastiest chocolate dishes around the city
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This World Chocolate Day, eateries around Kolkata have whipped some some delicious cocoa fun. Here's what they have to offer.

1. I Scream 'Ice Cream' 

Starting with the crowd favourite is the homemade Dark Chocolate Gelato (70 per cent) at the Hyatt Centric Ballygunge Kolkata. This dessert is known for its rich and intense flavour along with the creamy texture.

2. Luxurious Flavours 

Curated by Pastry Chef Sk Jahid Akhtar from Novotel Kolkata Hotel and Residencies for Cafe Joy, this Rosemary Chocolate Tiane is a delightful blend of chocolate devil sponge, with fresh rosemary and a Belgian Chocolate ganache. It is garnished with de-hydrated sugar-coated orangeslices to give it a perfect look.

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3. Classic Favourite 

Another classic favourite is the Black Forest. Check out the dessert with a twist at Burma Burma. The dessert is in the form of an eclairs more than the traditional cake form. It is made of Dark chocolate, candied almond mousse, smoke cherries, vanilla froyo and balsamic cherry sorbet.

4. Old with a 'choclatey' Twist

Here's your favourite cookies & cream in a bottle. Try this Cookies and Cream Milkshake from Hard Rock Cafe which consists of creamy vanilla ice cream, white chocolate and oreo cookies; topped with whipped cream, and sugar -dusted house-made brownie squares. The milkshake comes in two variants - without alcohol or with vodka.

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5. Bite the Pebble 

Here's a pebble that you can bite into and not have your teeth fall off! This Chocolate Pebble from Yauatcha is made of single origin dark chocolate , brownie, caramelised white chocolate and creme fraiche sorbet.