Four Coins Cafe at Lake Gardens recently celebrated its first anniversary and is only getting better

Four Coins Cafe, located in a quaint bylane near the spot is bustling with food connoisseurs
Chicken Alakiev
Chicken Alakiev

Lords Crossing has for the longest time been known as one of the most popular food hubs in South Kolkata. Four Coins Cafe, located in a quaint bylane near the spot is bustling with food connoisseurs as well. Over the past one year the bistro has garnered a strong base of patrons, all thanks to a quality range of continental dishes, complemented by its cosy ambience. Four Coins Cafe recently celebrated a successful lap around the sun.

Decked in sunny yellow hues, the humble bistro can be spotted from afar with a large glass panelled door right beneath a life sized glow sign spelling out the cafe name. Stepping in, one can either choose to sit on the spacious outdoor seating area or feel comfortable in bright low chairs, each decked in the primary colours red, green, yellow and blue. The whitewashed walls are often adorned with photographs clicked by patrons, and amateur shutterbugs.

We settled for good portions of Rombepele Magic, a house made pizza topped with mutton keema, cheese and freshly stirred tomato sauce. The well seasoned toppings made a perfect pairing on top of the oven baked thin crust. We were particularly awestruck by the portions sufficient for more than an individual, as we dug into a humongous bite of Chicken Alakiev. Paired with a big slice of garlic bread, and steamed veggies, the Alakiev was wrapped in the perfect thickness of breadcrumbs.

If one wishes to break the monotony of chicken, we suggest ordering in their Jumbo Fish Fry or a portion of Chilli Pork. The latter comes with large bites of sliced pork, stirred in sauces and green bell pepper. Wrap things up with the good ol' Brownie with Ice Cream for some comfortable conclusions.

Price for two: Rs. 500

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