Mango Matinee show begins at Fatty Bao Kolkata

 Fatty Bao Kolkata is holding a month-long Mango Matinee festival to celebrate the king of fruits

Sharmistha Ghosal Published :  18th May 2019 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  18th May 2019 12:00 AM
The Fatty Bao Kolkata

Mango Matinee festival at Fatty Bao

The very thought of having a fresh and juicy mango is enough to make one forget all the summer woes. Cooked, cut or juiced, there's no end to the ways of having this royal fruit. To cash in on this mango mania, city restaurants are coming up with a number of festivals and offers surrounding this king of fruits. And The Fatty Bao Kolkata is no exception to the rule. They, too are celebrating this mango season with a month-long festival called Mango Matinee starting from May 20, just a day after the city goes to polls.      

Mango Pannacotta

Chef Sumit and his team have curated one of the coolest mango menus packed with exciting Asian flavours and delightful interpretations of the luscious mango-inspired dishes from the region.  The Mango Matinee spread has some lip-smacking surprises for the gastronomes including the refreshing Smoked Chicken, Roasted Mango and Banana Blossom Salad to the crisp and crunchy Crazy Mango Shrimp Sushi Roll, the delectable Thai Mango Chicken to the flavourful Feisty Mango Curry and the light and sweet Mango Panna Cotta.  

Sushi Mango

The stars of the festival include Mango Carpaccio -- a sinful dish made with thin slices of Gulab Khas mango with mint and mango panna caviar drizzled with yuzu dressing and topped with nori and gari dust and the Thai Mango Chicken made with chicken, bell peppers, snow peas, raw mango puree, raw mango cubes, fried garlic, basil, coconut and a garlic and chili glaze. There's also a rather enticing Crazy Mango Shrimp SushiRoll rustled up with shrimp tempura, iceberg, jalapeno, mango and cream cheese sauce and topped with a delicately-spiced mango powder, which is worth a try. The Crisp Sweet Potato Sushi Roll with cream cheese, jalapeno and mango, spiced mango jelly, dry mango and shichimi powder, gets a unique punch in flavour thanks to the mango jelly. 

Thai Mango Chicken

If you want something light and refreshing try the Smoked Chicken, Roasted Mango and Banana Blossom Salad from the menu. From the main course, we quite liked the scrumptious Feisty Mango Curry made with rich creamy basil, lemongrass, mango and coconut curry with snow peas, bamboo shoot,  and tofu. If you are looking for something different, order for a portion of Raw Mango Sticky Jasmine Rice and end your meal with the delicious Mango Panna Cotta.

Mango Matinee Showing will be on till June 20

Average Price of the dishes: Rs 225 to Rs 465 plus taxes