Blue Moose Café is the perfect spot during monsoon

Two month old bistro Blue Moose Café is the latest addition to the city’s long list of European havens
Blue Moose
Blue Moose

Nestled in a quaint corner of Mudiali, Blue Moose Café is a perfect spot during monsoons. Surrounded by plush greenery, this café’s white walls reflect back sombre ambient lights and daylight peeping in through the bay windows. The first thing we spotted as we stepped in was a life-sized neon sign board spelling out the brand name. The neon sign along with yellow and turquoise pop chairs break the monochrome monotony. Look around to find posters ranging from Charlie Chaplin movies to Ustad Bismillah Khan’s performances adorning the walls. We settled on the elevated couch zone that steals the show with a piano sofa, but you can opt for the outdoor seating arrangement as well to gorge on lip-smacking European delicacies with a local twist, while being surrounded by nature.

As we were soaking in the cosy vibes of the bistro, a blue clay shell shaped dish arrived on our table heaped with spicy Chilli Mushroom Dry. A much needed break from its namesake stirred with baby corns and chicken, this dish seems like the perfect appetiser for damp monsoon afternoons. Garnished with sesame seeds, bell peppers and lemongrass cleanses your palate and prepare you for the tasteful journey ahead.

<em>Chilli Mushroom Dry</em>
Chilli Mushroom Dry

Next arrived four portions of Scotch Eggs lined with Peri Peri Masala, and served with a bowl of mustard mayonnaise dip. A thick layer of minced meat cupping soft boiled eggs, dipped in a crispy coat of bread crumb turned out to be one of our favourites. Digging through the layers of this dish is similar to scooping through layers of distinguishable flavours. We are sure, this appetiser will leave you craving for more.

<em>Scotch Egg</em>
Scotch Egg

To move on to the mains, dig in through a filling portion of Chicken Stroganoff, served with perfectly steamed, long grained, herbed rice. This creamy dish immersed in mushroom sauce is a Russian delicacy, with a local twist. Topped with bell peppers and lemon, this entrée sits comfortably on your palate as well as your guts. You may as well dig through a plate of the British version of our very own Paturi served with sautéed veggies. As compared to its Bengali counterpart, the flavor of this delicacy is subdued. If you are not in the mood for rice based accompaniments, gorge on their cheesy Ranch Style Grilled Chicken Burger.

Dig through a jar of Blue Moose, their signature dessert for a sweet surprise. This sweet jar of love is a splendid sight to sore eyes. Fluffy as a cloud, the whipped cream layer rests on a bed of moist biscuit crumb, and is topped with black currants and blue velvet cake crumbles for a dash of colour. You may as well choose a regular and simple Cheese Cake with caramel adornments for a sweet conclusion.

Meal for two: Rs. 800++

 Pictures by Anindya Saha

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