Social Hideout, in the quaint lanes of Maharaj Nanda Kumar Road is one of the most Instagrammable spots of the city.

The sixty-four seater bistro is drool-worthy both in and out of the plate!

author_img Raima Ganguly Published :  28th January 2022 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  28th January 2022 12:00 AM

The Social Hideout- Lounge

All it takes is one beautiful washed in sunlight to turn a café into a destination and the newly-opened bistro Social Hideout, took the hint. Owners Md Khaleequzzaman and Md  Asif turned a 2000 sq ft address in a quaint bylane off Lake Market area into one of the most Instagrammable spots of the city.

Social Hideout
Rose embedded wall with Neon glow-signs

Sprawled across two distinct zones- a lounge and a patio- the first thing to catch our attention as soon as we stepped in was the chalk white all-swing seating arrangement. A perfect corner to spend a lazy afternoon with your girls accompanied by good food and sheesha, the bistro offers services to turn it into your birthday or bachelorette venue on request. 

The outdoor arrangement at the Hideout is as dreamy as it can be with the central attraction of an artificial cherry blossom tree. The whitewashed garden chairs, a contemporary pergola with floral print upholstery and a wall of soft-hued roses with neon glow signs pose a striking contrast to the neat and sleek lounge interiors. The monochrome checkerboard flooring adds to the tranquil nature of the adornment by traveling back in time.

Social Hideout 2
Pergola with floral upholstery

“This area has become thronged with cafeterias over the past few years and to draw the crowd’s attention one must shift their focus on the ambience. Hence, we have tried to keep our offerings simple and comfortable and done away with too much experimentation. However, we will be curating a special spread for Valentine's Day’ shares Chef Ramen Adhikary.

If you are looking to binge on some comfort food without the worries of burning a hole in your pocket, and leave with a bunch of pictures for the Gram, Social Hideout is where your expectations are sure to be met. Here’s how-

Oreo Shake
Oreo Shake

Begin by appetizing with the good ol’ Golgappa with a cheesy twist and a Wai Wai Bhel, or tickle your tastebuds with Mexican Tacos and a Basket of Fries consisting Cajun dusted potatoes, Onion rings and Jalapeno poppers. Next, make your way for the entrée by washing the spices down with a classic pilsner of Green Apple or Gondhoraj Mojito.

Spring Roll
Spring Roll

Settle for the delectable Indonesian specialty Nasi Goreng- a portion of caramelised, soy stained rice served with a sunny side up and sautéed veggies or the piping hot Aglio Olio chicken steak sizzler oozing smoky juices from the Videshi Vorpet category. If you have intentions of going light on your stomach or have pals to split the bill with, you may as well as put up a hearty adda over Social Hideout’s signature Falco Pizza served with a unique, loaded with sliced chicken sausages, cheese and jalapenos.


Sign off with a sweet slice of the chocolaty Mud Pie sitting on a melt-in-mouth crust of biscuit crumbs to come to a full round.

Pocket pinch for two: Rs. 800+ exclusive of Sheesha