Slyfox Gastro Club, Kolkata rolls out a bar menu with zesty cocktails, classic drinks and more 

Check out the new avatar of Sly Fox Gastro Pub at Sector V with their bar menu
Assamese Fox
Assamese Fox

S LY FOX GASTROPUB gives you a brand new reason to head over to their baroque style diner. Their watering hole is ready now to serve zesty mixes with premium quality liquor. While the bartenders got busy showing off their skills with their signature cocktails, we were treated to Chef Naresh’s delectable spread that makes this diner at Sector V a favourite.

The first to arrive on the table was the Sholay Chicken Tikka laced in saffron cream. Served with a beetroot mayonnaise dip, the Lotus stem chips added crunch to the tikka. The drinks soon arrived one by one and our taste buds relished the fresh potions. A sip of the vodkabased Elder Spiritz with cucumber, elderflower, basil and lemon was refreshing. We followed this with the creamy tikka and headed to sample Butter Chicken Jacket Potatoes, a must-have delicacy here. Those who love potatoes in all forms will relish every bite of this scooped potato filled with creamy butter chicken. The sour cream froth on top and tomato and cashew dip by the side complemented the dish very well. But what made the recipe a winner is the crispy skin of the potatoes that hit the spot. We also sampled Philadelphia Chicken Steak and its cheesy filling gave an extra kick to the mushroom sauce, that coated the soft chicken steak. Served with flavoured mashed potatoes and fresh veggies, it makes for a filling bite.

The chef can also make lip-smacking fish dishes and the Kasundi Bhetki Tikka was a testimony of his skills. The smoky and succulent bhetki tikka served with Kachumbur salad and mustard mayonnaise sauce makes for a good munch. Moving over to the new entrants in the drinks menu we sampled the Himalayan Martini, which was a smooth and aromatic gin-based drink infused with Timur berries and cherry blossoms. However, we couldn’t keep our hands off the Black Tango. A ‘back-to-school’ drink, the mocktail’s secret spices with plum and black grape slices and a tiny floating ice bowl with berries had our heart. For those who like for coffee, there is Express Your Martini from the Classic section. Made with house-crafted coffee syrup and an espresso shot, it has a minty hint as well. We also highly recommend Meghalaya G and T made from gin-infused turmeric, homemade orange syrup, lemon juice and tonic. Their dessert menu will keep your sweet tooth satiated and we picked Gulab Jamun Cheese Cake that was served with strawberry and blueberry sauce. Karan Chhawchharia, co-owner says, “We have tried to create a lot of twists getting indigenous and local ingredients for the signature cocktails. You will also find a twist in the classic drinks as well.” Meal for two `1,400 ++.

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