Newly opened Sienna Store and Cafe on Park Street has great food and decor options

Ceramic pots and cloud cakes to order! The all- new Sienna Store and Cafe on Park Street serves up both delicious dishes and charming home décor options

author_img Raima Ganguly Published :  07th June 2019 12:25 AM   |   Published :   |  07th June 2019 12:25 AM

Soft Shell Crab

BORN OUT OF a need to preserve and nurture the native art forms of Bengal, Sienna Store and Cafe is now looking forward to an exciting new journey with its all-new outlet at Park Street, Kolkata. The very idea behind the store is to harness food, music, work and fashion into a single experience under one roof. Indulge visited the café recently to get a sneak peek. The Park Street store includes a full-service café, which caters to 75 guests in a space much larger than their current establishments at Hindustan Park and Jodhpur Park. It includes a small performance platform, a seminar hall, a conference room and two individual working cubicles alongside a walk-in store that houses everything handmade, ranging from ceramics to handloom clothing, accessories and upcycled jewellery. “It all began around 1993, when my mother started a pottery work-shop with her sculptor friend at Santiniketan. The idea was to include local artisans and potters in the venture, and train them accordingly. However, it remained dormant for a few years until we decided to bring it to the forefront with a store that would highlight these handcrafted artefacts. We started catering to palates later, plated in house-made ceramics. This venture, with time, has in itself become an inseparable entity,” says Sulagna Ghosh, the owner of Sienna Store and Cafe.

Cloud Cake

The hub at Park Street is a bright and airy spot that possesses a refined yet comfortable and casual feel. The whitewashed brick walls, splattered with hues of turquoise blue and canary yellow here and there with block-printed umbrellas coupled as lampshades, are a treat to the eye. One cannot fail to notice the light sculptures shaped like clouds above the reception, as well as a statement door from Pondicherry that doubles up as a wall adornment in the seminar room. We were welcomed with a ho cuppa Hazelnut Cappuccino along-side a salad that happened to be the perfect milieu of crunchy Kale and melt-in-the-mouth burrata cheese. The ruby red arils of pomegranate were like jewels that glittered amidst the greenery. Next up was the deep-fried Soft Shell Crab. Dipped in tempura batter, Sienna’s soft-shell crab was plated with a salad of flame-kissed microgreens, tossed in Salsa Verde sauce. This was followed by an entrée of Gobindobhog Pesto Risotto topped with pine nuts. Creamy, saucy and oh-so delectable, there is a certain comforting quality about the aromatic risotto that stays with you long after you’ve left the place. Our appetising jaunt concluded with ali ’ l ceramic pot of flourless Cloud Cake, made of eggs, espresso cream and walnut crumble.