OMG! My waffle is a dosa

Paratha sandwiches. Butter chicken pizza. Kolam on the ceiling. Expect the unexpected BFF, a brand new restobar in Alwarpet
Dosa waffle
Dosa waffle

Chennai’s newest restobar in Alwarpet plays out the element of surprise from the moment you step in the door. There’s kolam on the ceiling. The waffles are made with dosa batter. Oh, and there is an Audi parked smack in the centre of the dining space — in case you feel like shopping for some hot wheels during your meal.

Christened BFF (Bar For Friends) by besties for life, Atreya and Reema Tiwari — the husband and wife duo who own it, we’re told that the idea was to create a hangout for people to get together. (Though they’re still awaiting a liquor licence.) No labels. Just fun. “So it could be a couple, a boss and his team or even a father and daughter,” Reema tells us.

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Industrial meets pop
We can see from what she means from the eclectic décor sensibilities that cover everything from pop culture (there’s a painting of Ellen’s Oscar selfie painted on one wall), heritage (with tidbits on places of interest nearby like the haunted De Monte Colony), industrial accents (with a door upcycled using parts from a mechanic shop), chair swings, a plant corner and in theme with the name BFF — friendship quotes aplenty.

“We get a lot of this inspiration from our events and wedding planning background which we have been doing for about five years now,” Atreya shares. Though this is their first hospitality venture in Chennai, with another on the way, the duo already has two properties in Bengaluru — Double Decker and Desi Deck. As we move on to the menu, we find out that the chef they have roped in, Brij Bhushan, was in fact trained under Michelin star chef Michel Rostang. 

<em>Butter chicken pizza</em>
Butter chicken pizza
<em>Paratha sandwich</em>
Paratha sandwich

Progressive Indian
Deemed progressive Indian cuisine, we chance upon a number of dishes that call on our curiosity. There’s a thin-crust Butter chicken pizza which is quite addictive. We must add — each slice is massive. The savoury dosa waffle is innovative, and surprisingly good. And the paratha sandwich with a filling of cheese, potato and cucumber is comfort food that makes it difficult to stop at one.

We recommend you wash it all down with a Peach on the Beach, which is as delightful as it sounds. For those looking for crunchy bites to pair well with your drink of choice, don’t miss the Crispy Chicken or the Bharwan Aloo — slices of tandoor-roasted potato topped with a mash of peas and paneer. The latter is served with a side of green chutney that we hear comes‚ ‘mother-in-law approved’.

Meal for two Rs 900 (exclusive of alcohol). | @brightasunshine

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