Chinese Wox in Chennai promises to satiate good ol’ Indo-Chinese cravings 

Don't miss their Tangra-style chilli chicken which has quickly become a crowd favourite

Sonali Shenoy Published :  03rd September 2020 03:45 PM   |   Published :   |  03rd September 2020 03:45 PM

Mapo tofu chicken

Have a hankering for Kung Pao Chicken? This place hits the spot. And their Burnt Garlic Fried Rice that pairs wonderfully and stands strong on its own promises elevated taste notes that definitely up the ante on fast food. 

Three-month-old Chinese Wox is a cloud kitchen property by Pricol Gourmet Pvt Ltd — the brand behind restaurants like Double Roti and Soy Soi. And with Kolkata-born Chef Peter Tseng at the helm, expect your fill of good ol’ Indo-Chinese with big flavors and generous portion sizes. 

Steamed chicken momos


Tangra-style chilli chicken

We discover over a lunch sampling of some of their signatures that our favorites are the moist and juicy Pan Fried Momos and apparently a crowd favorite, the Tangra Chilli Chicken. “The latter is different from the red Chilli chicken you are used to,” explains chef Peter. For one, he elaborates, “Green chillies are sautéed here and the other distinguishing factor comes from a charred, smokey sweetness from the onions.” Tangra, for those who haven’t visited, is Kolkata’s second Chinatown.


Honey chilli lotus root

Despite this being a quick service cloud kitchen, we are surprised to learn that the choice available on the menu is expansive. “We have 95 dishes,” chef Peter announces, as though this is something we routinely come across. We recommend the Manchow Chilli Soup that arrives with a side of crunchy noodles for some texture and the wonderful Sichuan Noodles paired with a dry and mildly tangy Chilli Paneer, that are not to miss. Dessert unfortunately is not on offer just yet. But chef Peter’s recent spree of scrumptious Instagram posts points us in the right direction!

Noon to 10 pm. INR 300 to INR400 per person.