Offering wholesome lunches, Health Bar is the new subscription food option in Chennai

Chennai-based 25-year-old Priya Rathnakumar has come up with an exciting subscription meal plan for healthy lunching

author_img Sabrina Rajan Published :  18th June 2021 02:18 PM   |   Published :   |  18th June 2021 02:18 PM
Healthy meals from nutritionist Priya Rathnakumar's Health Bar

Healthy meals from nutritionist Priya Rathnakumar's Health Bar

For Priya Rathnakumar, whipping up healthy, balanced meals on the daily was part of her own fitness journey. This started about three years ago, when she successfully lost 15 kgs in a bid to be more healthy. Fast forward to a fortnight ago, and the 25-year-old launched the Health Bar, a subscription food service that urges you to have at least ‘one healthy meal’ a day. 

The certified nutritionist has been part of the city’s foodscape for a while now as she had teamed up with her sister Ambika Lokesh in 2017 to start a home-based health food kitchen called The Lean Bean. “Health Bar is part of the Lean Bean brand — but we needed to define the separate menus. The Lean Bean is more about desserts, butters and cookies.”

Though she had dabbled with subscription meals nearly four years ago — soon it became overwhelming with orders that began in the wee hours of the morning and finished late at night, making it difficult for the duo to sustain the business. Now, with the Health Bar she is offering a lunch-a-day that is available five days a week, where Priya tells us that every week the menu is different and can be ordered via Instagram: @healthbarbytlb.

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Healthy white sauce pasta from the Health Bar
White sauce pasta with chicken

Last week, we tried their white sauce pasta with chicken and found the portion satisfying and the flavours tasty and simple. The meal comes with a serving of fresh salad that comprises chopped peppers and other veggies. “There are times that we get great feedback and demand for a particular dish — then we repeat that dish later that month.”

Fresh salad with chopped peppers and other veggies from the Health Bar
Fresh salad with chopped peppers and other veggies

Other options that you could expect from the Health Bar include dishes like the Rice and Red Thai Curry (tofu option for vegetarians), Whole Wheat Momos, Black bean Mango Salad and Quinoa Bowl. What sets them apart from most of the subscription models is that you could even order a single meal — and don’t have to necessarily commit to an entire week.

Single meal from INR 340 onwards. Monday to Friday subscription lunch at INR 1,500 for veg and INR 1,650 onward for non-veg.