Dive into purple acai jars and pizzas at the newly opened Lyfe by Soul Garden Bistro in Anna Nagar

Expect an all-new menu with a fresh rollout of Mexican and Mediterranean fare, as well as a whole new range of sourdough pizzas

Sonali Shenoy Published :  21st April 2022 05:57 PM   |   Published :   |  21st April 2022 05:57 PM

Açai jar, protein smoothie Açai jar, protein smoothie

Lyfe by Soul Garden Bistro recently opened its doors in Anna Nagar. Dual leveled with an attractive glass facade that catches our eye right off the street — this is the fourth restaurant under the brand by owner Jignesh Pujara, who also has outlets in Kilpauk, Alwarpet and Express Avenue. We, of course, are more interested in tasting the all-new menu which promises a fresh rollout of Mexican and Mediterranean fare, as well as a whole new range of sourdough pizzas. In addition, we are most keen to sample the açai berry (pronounced asai) jars that are available as part of Jignesh’s new smoothie brand, Violet Berry. 

The superfood, which is native to Central and South America and grows in the Amazon rainforest was little known till social media propelled it to fame. And between its Instagram-worthy purple allure and antioxidant properties — we’re excited that this hard-to-access option is finally available in Chennai. “We import açai berry extract powders,” Jignesh shares as a grab-and-go bottle of Nutty Açai arrives at our table. Tart from the berry extract and heavy on blitzed banana for that thick base (you can also make your own base with options like avocado) we like that this is made with almond milk and get a hint of crunch from toppings like coconut flakes, pistachios and chia seeds. Hopefully, the açai fruit itself will be accessible in the future, this will certainly make for a more well-rounded flavour experience. For now, we move on to the chilled and creamy Overnight Chocolate Oats with banana slices which is a win all the way. 


Greek superfood salad

Shifting gears to the restaurant menu, we are quickly impressed with the Greek Superfood Salad tossed in a lemon vinaigrette. Fresh, zingy and crumbled with feta to keep us coming back for more... this goes straight to our ‘order-again-soon list’. Next up, is a melt-in-mouth Baked Lasagna with layers of tomato sauce, pasta, zucchini and bell peppers. You might want to share this one so you don’t undo all the health benefits of your salad! Later, we try and pick favourites from an airy Siciliana Pizza with sundried tomatoes or a robust Baked Burrito — packed with brown rice, bean salsa and a marriage of mozzarella and cheddar. 


Baked burrito

Dessert is a Thandai Gelato cone (from sister brand Antari) inspired by the recent Holi celebrations. It is creamy with a mild touch of spice to contrast those sweet notes. The gelato flavours are on a weekly rotation but this one, we’re told,  will be available till the end of the month. 

Meal for two at INR 800. Smoothies between INR 255 and INR 355.