From Harry Potter to Ferraris, here are top five themed restaurants in Chennai

Ferraris, bullet trains, cycles, the cupboard under the stairs, the Hatter's tea party - these restaurants in the city have got it all covered!

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These themed restaurants have been making some noise in Chennai city

These themed restaurants have been making some noise in Chennai city

Eating out just became interesting! Ferraris have become waiters, wheels have become lamps, and the Hatter’s Tea Party is in town too. The Great Hall from Hogwarts has magically appeared at a cafe in Chennai, and pets have taken over another restaurant in the city. Chennai’s themed restaurants’ scene has grown substantially over the past few years. We bring you some of the best in the business, here. 


Locofeast, Themed Restaurants, Themed Restaurants in Chennai, Chennai Restaurants
At Locofeast, Ferraris and bullet trains will serve your order!

The Ferrari arrives at the Sepang circuit with nary a racer in sight, but it does bring with it your order. Bullet trains and Ferraris replace waiters, to serve lip-smacking north Indian and Continental delicacies at Locofeast, in Nungambakkam. The  Nargisi Kofta Curry, and the saffron panna cotta are especially delicious. For F1 enthusiasts and for foodies, the place promises a treat. 

Meal for Two: ₹ 800

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Ciclo Cafe

Ciclo Cafe, Cycle themed restaurants in Chennai, Themed Restaurants in Chennai, Chennai Restaurants
Cycles are the theme at this quaint cafe in Kotturpuram!

They say the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. Well, this café promises to cycle the entire way. At this quaint cafe in Kotturpuram, cycles are the theme. The place brings delectable dishes across Continental, Italian, Japanese and American cuisines. Baby back ribs and the Chicken Lasagna are some favourites. The décor and the food are tastefully set for the cyclists and the non-cyclists alike. 

Meal for Two: ₹ 1,100

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The Hatter’s Table

The Hatter's Table, Hatter's Tea Party,  Themed Restaurants in Chennai, Chennai Restaurants
Time comes to a standstill at The Hatter's Table 

Stumble into the rabbit hole and into the Wonderland, to reach the Hatter’s tea party, where time stands still. With good food, quirky interiors, and a breathtaking chandelier made of cups and saucers, the Hatter’s Table promises a trip to Wonderland. This restaurant at VR Mall in Anna Nagar with its handcrafted breads and an all-day breakfast, makes it an interesting dining experience. The wild rice and coconut milk kheer, and the beet and orange feta salad are specially recommended. 

Meal for Two: ₹ 1,300

Cafe Allohomora

Cafe Allohomora, Harry Potter themed restaurant, Themed Restaurants in Chennai, Chennai Restaurants
Accio Butterbeer, or even a Felix Felicis drink at Cafe Allohomora

Yes, Allohomora is the spell that opens locks. Well, in this case, it opened a café in Adyar. This Harry Potter themed restaurant is not only a heaven for Potterheads, but also keeps a secret menu. Ask for a Butterbeer, or a Gillyweed, or if you need luck on your side today, the Felix Felicis. The restaurant promises a sumptuous Continental and Italian fare, with a modern twist on authentic dishes.  

Meal for Two: ₹ 1,000

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Twisty Tails

Twisty Tails, Pet themed Restauran,  Pet friendly cafes, Pet friendly restaurants, Themed Restaurants in Chennai, Chennai Restaurants
You can bring a pet and eat with it too, at Twisty Tails

The restaurant promises a ‘paw’fect time, filled with relishing food and furry cuddles. This pet-themed restaurant in Nungambakkam offers a veritable spread of meals from the East and the West. Customers can play with the resident pets, and pet-parents can even bring their own furry family members to the restaurant. Twisty Tails also boasts of a special menu, just for the pets!

Meal for Two: ₹ 1,000

You can have a theme along with a meal at these restaurants in the city!