Brownie Heaven launches a new ice cream range to cool us off for the summer!

Look out for four flavours: vanilla, chocolate, butterscotch and salted caramel
Salted caramel
Salted caramel

If brownie is your go-to dessert, here’s a scoop that might make your day. Just in time for summer, comes Brownie Heaven’s new premium ice cream range with four flavours — Vanilla, Chocolate, Butterscotch and Salted Caramel. What sets them apart? Every one of them is layered with generous swirls of crumbled brownies. Nishant Vijayakumar (31), the man behind the brand (now 16 outlets in five cities) which began back in 2015 with a single OTG oven, tells us, “We’ve been doing the trials for this project for the last two months and of course, we wanted to roll out for the summer.” The brownies, just like the ice cream “are eggless”, we are informed, making it a more inclusive chilled dessert to order. 

This launch comes right on the heels of Nishant’s last two dessert brands — Crema (for cheesecakes) and Treviso (for tiramisu), which were set up last year. And from the brand’s social media, we discover, the latest innovation in the fray is an eye-catching dessert cart put together with “custom-made thermal insulated boxes and cooling pads” that one can request for ready-to-go brownie-inspired desserts at a party or event.

We’re keen to dig in and get a taste of each flavour as we chat. And quickly discover that our favourite is the chocolate made with 54% Belgian Callebaut and Dutch alkalised cocoa powder. The consistency of each scoop is creamy just as one would expect, given the ‘milk fat’ ice cream we are promised, and we do enjoy the brownie swirls woven through repeatedly like the chorus of your favourite song. The Vanilla is so-so; the Butterscotch seems to be missing the praline for that crunch factor, while the Salted Caramel is perfectly balanced. As for just how much brownie there is in your ice cream, Nishant says, “Expect about a quarter of a brownie square in every tub.” Although this is currently available in 125 ml tubs, we’re told there will be a 500 ml size by next month or you could order by the scoop.

At Brownie Heaven outlets, food aggregator platforms and off the shelf at premium supermarkets. INR 90 to INR 110. 

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